Own your Pretty in 2014! Win a Complete Makeover from Authentic Beauty!

The gift of the clock turning from 12/31 to 1/1 is that when we wake up we get a chance to start over and begin anew. The opportunity exists for us to declare what we want our new year to look like and what kinds of changes we want to make. How about what we want our reflection to look like?
Our image is a powerful tool that can work for us or against us. Since over 90% of what people believe about us is non-verbal, at Authentic Beauty, we believe it is important for you to author an image that reflects who you are. Rather than be told how you should look or adapt to society’s demands of unrealistic standards of beauty, we believe you should do some self-reflection to figure out what resonates with you. We call this process the Image Journey. When was the last time you deliberately created your image?

Let us be your guide as you discover what you want to look like and learn how to create it for yourself. Our experts are here to assist you in learning the necessary skills and helping you choose only the important tools needed to create your very own look you love. This is way more than a makeover. This is having your image be a reflection of your Authentic Self. This is Authentic Beauty.

Because you are one of a kind, why settle for an image and for makeup that isn’t tailored entirely for you? This is the year to Own Your Pretty, to evolve into the person you are now and be the author of your own look!


Now, here is your chance to win an ultimate makeover experience and a COMPLETE makeover including Authentic Beauty’s Image Journey, all the tools and products needed to complete your look, brow services, an organic facial and  hair services. The value of this package is over $2,000.  And you can win it all from Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio.


In the Own Your Pretty Image Journey Contest at Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Hair Studio, one winner gets a complete makeover including a free Image Journey (valued at $250.00), a facial, brow and hair services. The contest runs from January 1st through February 7th. On February 14th, a winner will be chosen and notified by email or phone.  The winner will also be announced on Authentic Beauty’s Facebook page.

The winner also receives all the makeup and tools used in this transformational, interactive 90 minute makeup lesson and she will leave with a face chart and a free followup session detailing the process step-by-step so she can recreate her ideal look at home.

Authentic Beauty's Magic 3 in 1 Foundation and Application Brush

The winner also takes home Authentic Beauty’s very own, safe and non toxic, Magic 3 in 1 Foundation plus lipstick customized entirely for you and made at our very own lipstick station.

Lipstick made for you at our lipstick station!







The Image Journey is Authentic Beauty’s signature service invented by Alyson Howard-Hoag that gives you the gift of loving you- from the inside out because when we love what we see when we look in the mirror, we feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the world. This 2014, it is time to stop avoiding the mirror. It is time to stop basing our appearance on what we are supposed to look like or based on unrealistic media or runway trends. This is the year of living gorgeously and loving every minute of it.


All you have to do is email your name, phone number and a before picture to info@authenticbeautyllc.com and tell us why you want to win this contest. We will then send you the directions/homework for the Image Journey. You will then create an Authentic Beauty image board on Pinterest and share it with Authentic Beauty. From there, begin pinning images that resonate with you. Once you’ve shared your board with us, we will share our board with you and then pin your top 4 images to Authentic Beauty’s Image Journey Pinterest board.
Do not compare yourself with these images! The point is for you to let yourself discover what you love. Your winning this contest has to do with your participation on Pinterest so Pin Away! We want to see all the ways you resonate with your Authentic Image! If you need instructions as to how to use Pinterest, we are always here to help. Please call the studio at 404-849-0443 or email us at info@authenticbeautyllc.com.

Before and After! Our 2013 contest winner Melissa O'Connor

Check out this video here of last year’s Image Journey Contest featuring Melissa O’Connor!

“Rather than tell a woman what she should look like, or assign her random trends and fads, we believe a woman’s image should be a reflection of her Authentic Self,” said Alyson Howard-Hoag, CEO and founder of Authentic Beauty.  “The Image Journey shows women of all ages how to reflect on what she loves, what she resonates with, and how she personally defines beauty. Then, it helps a woman find and then create an exterior image that is an expression of her inner, Authentic Self using makeup.”

If you are tired of your current look or perhaps you are looking to reinvent yourself this New Year, sign up today for this one of a kind contest. Authentic Beauty is located at 4674 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, 30342.  Call the studio at 404-849-0443 or email info@authenticbeautyllc.com.


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