Rosie Gillespie is Certified to Do Brows!

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Today we congratulate Rosie Gillespie for being certified in doing brows at Authentic Beauty!

If you don’t know Rosie, she has been with Authentic Beauty for about 5 years now. She started with us as our resident makeup artist and retail specialist and quickly moved up to lead artist. A few years ago she decided she wanted to add hair to her bag of tricks and she went to school at Paul Mitchell and received her Cosmetology license. Rosie has been performing hair services for the past few years and is a beautiful color specialist. You can see her work HERE.

In examining Rosie’s attention to detail I decided that Rosie needed to consider adding brows to her quiver of services.

What makes our brow services different at Authentic Beauty is that we approach the shape of the brow as a makeup artist. Most estheticians are trained to remove hair. This is just a different approach. We look at your face and your the angles of your eyes and craft you a shape based on proportion. We tweeze only because as artists we are incredibly specific about what hairs we are removing and you just can’t get that level of detail with wax or threading. As artists we can take anyone with bad brows and craft with makeup the perfect shape.  However what we are committed to as brow artists at Authentic Beauty is that your brows look PERFECT without fill.

Rosie is meticulous in her approach to the face and I began training her in January this year. REALLY though she has been observing how we do brows for nearly 5 years but it was in January she picked up some tweezers and began honing the craft of sculpting brows.

When I train someone to do brows they have to apprentice with me for 6 months. The first three are spent standing by me asking questions and watching how I shape. The next three they take on clients of their own that commit to three months of brow rehab. I prefer that there are 10-20 clients that come in for three months that follow our protocol and commit to being there every 4-6 weeks. What is most important to me as the mentor is that it is understood what hairs are NOT to be taken so the perfect shape can be grown in over time.

Below you can see the result of Rosie’s training and meticulous brow work. Welcome Rosie to the brow team and to the brow life!  As of June 1 Rosie is available to be booked for brows at the associate level. Click here to book an appointment.


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