CBS Ambush Makeover at the Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio

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CBS Ambush Makeover at the Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio

Yesterday was a great day for Authentic Beauty, as a whole. We were fortunate to tape CBS Better Mornings’ Ambush Makeover with Corinna Allen, which will air on Monday, April 5. We were featured as not only a make-up studio, but also as a salon. As I’ve told you with us taking over the whole space, Authentic Beauty is your one-stop shop for brows, make-up, products, skincare, hair services & tanning, and notably, we have online booking now! Check it out on our website.

But ok back to the Ambush, I’m so grateful that we actually got to do an Ambush yesterday! We had a woman set to Ambush, she had crazy, virgin brows that I am going to whip into shape soon! But we didn’t have the clothes for her. So then we got someone else (none of these people know they are being Ambushed), but she worked for the station, so even though she would have been surprised, we couldn’t use her. Then we moved onto another suggestion. The girl called the friend she was meeting for “coffee,” and said she had a fever. This was literally 30 minutes before we were supposed to Ambush with no one to Ambush. However, I got a brilliant idea to go over to the Elaine Sterling Institute for Esthetics down the road from Authentic Beauty; I actually used to teach there last year & I love Elaine & Lyn. Ryan & Elaine were so great & immediately gave us a variety of girls to choose from. We ended up using 26-year-old, Tatiana Gubina. She is incredibly gorgeous, by the way (with or without make-up).

Pam Deweese, a stylist who is renting a booth at the Authentic Beauty Salon, just put a gloss over Tatiana’s beautiful dark hair, cut off two inches and shaped her hair into long layers. As I have said in previous blogs, Pam is incredible & if you’re looking for a new hairstylist-definitely check Pam out. Call her at (404) 455-7571. 4 Laces did the clothing. It is a new apparel & accessories line designed by Vicky Smith. The clothes are supercute & I want to do a fall Champagne & Shadows with her!

Tatiana is gorgeous, as I mentioned, so we didn’t really do a lot with her make-up wise. I worked on shaping up her brows a bit & had to fill then in a bit; a great trick to make filling them in look more natural is put the eyebrow pencil on a brush & then put it on the brow. I used the 3 in 1 foundation in Pale Beige on Tatiana & Made her cheeks pop with a hint of the Embrace blush. And because Tatiana has such a delicate & small face, I didn’t have to use heavy eyeliner on her because it would overpower her face. But I did brush a little eyeliner on her lashline with an eyeshadow brush though, which created a nice look. I blended a Sand lip pencil over her entire top & bottom lip creating a base for the gloss to adhere to, and then brushed the Brown Berry gloss from the Authentic Beauty line over it. By the way, we have a line of Authentic Beauty lip glosses that will be available for purchase for $16.95 each, when our shipment comes in. Hello UPS! Also stay tuned for info on customizable lipsticks & lip glosses at Authentic Beauty! I told you, we are taking over the beauty industry!

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