Events starting up again

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Events starting up again

Wow last week was incredible! As most of you know, I have taken over the entire space at 4674 Roswell Road & I’m super excited about that! Actually speaking of, on Wednesday, March 24, I’ll be filming an Ambush Makeover which will air on CBS Atlanta Better Mornings. The segment will showcase the entire space! We’ll be using Pam Dewese for hair on Ambush. She is an independent hairstylist & has made her home at the Authentic Beauty Salon. 4 Laces, a new clothing & apparel line will be doing the clothing.

But anyway back to events last week & this week. Last Thursday, I was very excited to attend Kathleen Plate’s Smartglass Home Collection debut at Environment Furniture on the Westside. I have always loved Kathleen’s SmartGlass jewelry & think it is absolutely great that she has expanded her collection. I hope to purchase some items from her home collection at some point! The fun weekend continued after an awesome day at work on Friday. Last Friday night, I had a fantastic time at Ecco with some of my favorite friends. I spent some much needed time with the gorgeous Grace Lee of Atlanta G-Spots who spent part of March abroad & Fox 5’s Suchita Valdamani as well as my husband, Charlton.

Saturday was filled with work all day (which to me is not work work, but fun!) & then I was able to kick back & let loose with some other great friends at Justin Anthony’s birthday party at 10 Degrees South! I was able to really showcase my new CEO vixen self at the party & it felt so good!

This week has kicked off to a great start & I’m ramping up for Wednesday’s Ambush. Also this Thursday brings Jamie Annario’s going away party at 10 Degrees South & the Swank Boutique VIP opening party. Jamie is working in Kenya at the Happy Life Children’s Home orphanage. The send-off party will also serve as fundraiser for the orphanage & is being hosted by Justin & Kelly Anthony, Warrick Dunn, Jenn Hobby, Richie Arpino, Mitchell Anderson, Meg Reggie, Rick Butgereit, Molly Parrish, Michele & Blair Caplinger, Joel Darby, Caren West, Chad Shearer and Robert & Kathy Annario, Jamie’s parents. I wish Jamie the best while in Kenya & we’ll miss her while she is gone! Swank has been mentioned on Jessica Shops as well as hosted the actresses in the movie, “She’s Out of My League.” I’m really excited to check it all out on Thursday. Thanks to Mandy & Justin of Premier PR for doing the event! I hope all of you had a great weekend & start to this week. Stay tuned later this week for my blog on the Ambush Makeover!

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