Keep Georgia Safe Red Carpet Affair Recap

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Keep Georgia Safe Red Carpet Affair Recap

The Oscars bring out the best dresses, most glamorous hairstyles, beautiful jewelry, flawlessly done make-up and fabulous shoes.  The 82nd Academy Award red carpet was spectacular & on Sunday, March 7 everyone here in Atlanta looked just as great! We went an Oscar party that rivaled that of L.A. Case in point, I was able to go to the second annual Keep Georgia Safe Red Carpet Affair at a gorgeous mansion on 3410 Ridgewood Road (It’s for sale if anyone is in the market!). The whole Authentic Beauty team did make-up while Richie Arpino’s Salon did hair. Notably, Authentic Beauty did make-up for Robanne Schulman, Meg Reggie, Leslie Koerdt who was one of the hostesses & Keep Georgia Safe’s Mary Ellen Fulkusamong many others who came by the “Green Room” for a touch up. Holly Firfer stopped by to hang out with us.  By the way, Holly you left your Academy Award in the chair while you were jumping on the bed! Come get it at the studio!

Keep Georgia Safe is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit with the mission to provide safety education and crime prevention training in Georgia, and operates the only alert network the sends GBI issued alerts for missing/dangerous persons. To fulfill their mission Keep Georgia Safe has embarked on the following initiatives: bringing radKIDS (a personal safety empowerment program for children ages 5-12) training to the Atlanta area; CART (Child Abduction Response Team) Training for local and state first responders; implementing safety education into Georgia schools; media awareness campaign; web resources and wireless text alert campaign. The event raised money for all that. The Host Committee was chaired by Holly Firfer, and included Tony Conway, Terry & Cathy Pendleton, Paul Broft, Kysha & Ryan Cameron, Melissa Carter, Gina Chaney, Heidi Collins, Kristen Cowart & Jeff Pierce, Ellen Harden, Kara Worthington, Heath Ponder, Jim Lesti, Chadwick Boyd, Khadijah Tilgner, Jessica Dauler, Hollis Gillespie, E. Vincent Martinez, Debra K. Matassino, Wendy & Reggie Roberts, Evelyn Mims, Dick & Maria Walden-Sullivan, Bill & Lisa Tush, Jim DiDia, Lisa Swanson, Felicia Gentry, Patti Dickey, Ken Gwinner, Julie & Bob Grigsby, Chandra Vitale, and Kelly & Justin Anthony.

Let me tell you about this amazing house the event was held at. It was beautifully decorated, had a basketball court in the basement, an incredibly landscaped yard, gardens & pool area, and each & every room was just breathtaking. If I was interested in being a personal trainer again, I would love to train in that house because Shea & I would train in the basketball court! There was a great silent auction that hopefully raised some money as well as two bars. And by the way, the special “Avatar” drink flowed like water at each. It was made with Grey Goose vodka (one of the event sponsors), blue Curacao & pineapple juice. They were so yummy that I drank a few! And our trip to Waffle House in Sandy Springs after the event was evidence of that! I had a waffle, a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich, scattered, covered & smothered hash browns & coffee which I desperately needed.

I hardly even watched the Oscars because I was having so much fun running around seeing everyone. I did get to hang out with Project Runway’s Mychael Knight a little & 944 Magazine’s editor, Isoul Harris. I always love making new friends! But I did want to comment on the make-up of everyone at the show after the fact. I looked at it all online & for the most part, everyone’s make-up was very neutral & basic, some with a strong lip. I loved what Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez & Demi Moore did. Their make-up was flawlessly natural with a strong lip which is one of the big trends this spring as well.  I also liked what Nicole Richie had done with her cat eye look. I will say though regarding dresses, I did not like a certain dress that had flowers on the boobs (tacky) & I don’t think Carrie Bradshaw translated well in L.A. if you know what I mean. But I’ll be talking more about spring trends in my next blog, so see you then readers!

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