Spring Make-up

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Spring Make-up

My lovely Authentic Beauties, I think spring is here. With the warmer temps & the rain (oh the rain), our hair & make-up needs to be adjusted. Let me tell you, spring make-up minimal. Do you want me to spell it out? M-I-N-I-M-A-L. It should look like you’re not even wearing any make-up. The look should ultimately be neutral but look polished.

Fresh, clean skin is a good base to build around, but you don’t want completely matte skin. Sometimes it’s good to mix some shimmer (only a touch) with your foundation or tinted moisturizer, so you skin ends up looking more like it’s glowing. You want to make sure you’ve got a pop of color ranging from coral to bright pink on your cheeks. This is a more feminine look as opposed to faking a tan with lots of bronzer in the past. Go with your natural skin tone, but if you want-you still can use a light sweep of bronzer; just make sure it is natural. Also be sure to always always wear SPF under your make-up! Protect that skin!

Aligning with the trend of long lashes, you can try eyelash extensions & lash growing serums to ensure your lashes are thick, lush & long. I personally love my Minx Lash Extensions, which are done in studio by our own lash guru, Robyn Fujimoto. But you can also use Latisse or the basic false eyelashes, or really even lots of mascara. But this season, not a whole lot of liner is necessary. It takes away from the simple, minimalist look. We use a lot of bronze, gold & light shimmer on the eyes, but not too much or you’ll look like a disco queen. A thicker yet manicured brow is also key. Brows frame your eyes & those pretty lashes, so make sure they look just right. Do not, I repeat, do not allow any nail place to wax them. Come in Authentic Beauty & we’ll do your brows up right for you. 

Lips are focused on happy brights. The colors can range anywhere from soft nudes to corals that all can transition into summer. Lip liner is necessary so that lip color doesn’t bleed, but don’t let it be so bold as to look fake. You can do a gloss on top of lipstick or just gloss alone.

Additionally for this season, I am loving crème textured pastel colors on nails. Mint greens & blues look fantastic! But what ever you do make sure it’s authentic & looks like you!


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