New Eco Friendly stylist at Authentic Beauty Studio

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New Eco Friendly stylist at Authentic Beauty Studio 

I’m so thrilled to be expanding even more at Authentic Beauty! As I am sure all of you know by now, but we have taken over the WHOLE space & have transitioned into a full service, one-stop shop with hair, make-up, brows & skin. And we are bringing in another hairstylist-Charles Farlow to add to the team here. We knew each other at Aveda many moons ago, which started our interest & dedication to educating our clients about what they put in their bodies, on their bodies & on their hair. So like me, Charles is very careful about what products he promotes & uses.

With that being said, Charles completely focuses on making his clients’ hair not only look fabulous, but making it feel great as well. He has always reiterated to his clients & me that it is absolutely vital to know of the purest products & best nutrients for your hair & body. He uses environmentally friendly hair products-Zerran, Onesta & Earthly Botanicals. Like the brands we promote at Authentic Beauty, they are the least toxic to the earth & the body.

Another great thing about Charles is that he is always striving to know more about hair & has worked under many experts such as Vidal Sasson. He is incredible with all types of hair. As a matter of fact, Charles has actually studied with the George Michael salon in New York City. George Michael is a renowned expert on cutting very long hair. Charles also knows a lot about cutting curly hair (like mine!). This skill is essential because curly hair is a completely different animal than straight hair. Believe me, I know. Another accolade of Charles is that he knows color so well. He has eidetic vision. For those of you who don’t know what that is, eidetic vision is basically the ability to look at someone & visualize exactly how they’ll look with a certain color or haircut. Essentially it something of a photographic memory, and it significant in being a great hairdresser. He also has an acute eye for color, tone, depth & contrast. For example, a lot of people can’t see the fine definition in gold & blonde & what color needs to be on a person’s skin tone & in that, so many hairdressers miss the mark on making a client’s hair really look amazing.

Anyway I am just so elated that Charles is joining Authentic Beauty; I know he’ll really be an asset to the studio. I know Zapien’s Salon will miss him, but since leaving his own Aveda concept salon in 2007 on West Wieuca (he was there since 1993), he needs a permanent home. So visit his website at: & book appointments with him through the Authentic Beauty online booking system.

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