Our new lip stuff: Short, but sweet

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Our new lip stuff: Short, but sweet

Aside from all the other great news around here, we’ve just gotten 18 new shades of lip gloss and three new lip plumpers in the studio. We have essentially expanded our color range to appeal to a broader spectrum of skin tones & AB clients. And if you come to Champagne & Shadows tomorrow night, we are running a special on the plumpers! Buy one at regular price ($26) & get another one for just ten dollars. The lip glosses are $16.50 each. 

These Authentic Beauty label lip glosses & plumpers average a two on the toxicity scale, which is incredibly low compared to most other brands out there. They are made with more natural ingredients, and are ultimately less harmful to your body. Additionally, we have infused them with botanical oils. As always, it is very important to me to make sure everything you, my clients, are putting in your bodies is the least harmful as it can be, which is why I looked to this brand-ColorLab-which allows you to not only customize shades, but also choose what to put in the actual product as well as choose the flavor.

Stay tuned for a FULLY CUSTOM lip gloss and lipstick bar coming soon! And can’t wait to see you tonight!

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