Bronze Goddess Look

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Bronze Goddess Look

The first annual Authentic Beauty Summer Beauty Day is coming up on Friday, June 25! Make sure to book your appointments now! In the meantime, I thought I would share with you Authentic Beauty’s sultry summer look-the Bronze Goddess. Obviously we advocate safe sun & don’t want you to unnecessarily harm yourself striving to look like a Bronze Goddess; so this make-up look can be enhanced by the gorgeous sunkissed spray tan by True Glow Mobile Spray Tanning who will be at the Summer Beauty Day on Friday. This easy & laidback bronze make-up is soooo great for the hot, humid days of summer because it doesn’t have to be perfect. Actually it’s sloppily sexy, but not too much so.

The overall look is created by blending warm summer metallics-think golds, coppers, bronzes & subtle shimmer-all over. The copper will carry the look through to fall or you can also use it lightly in the summer As I said before,I recommend to start with a spray tan base all over that will even out the skin & make it slightly bronzed. The foundation on top of the tanned skin should be light & natural, and shimmery or matte bronzer (either works) should be applied to the high plains of the face where you naturally get sun, for a beautiful sunkissed effect. A bright pink or peach  blush should be dabbed right on to the apple of the cheek for a subtle hint of youthful glow. I recommend “Flamingo” or “Blushing.” The lip for this look is glossy, so you’ll definitely want to remember your lip SPF underneath. There are two options for the lip depending on the end result you’re going after. There are the shimmery bronzes and golds for those who like neutrals or sheer pinks and corals for those who want that pop of color. “Day Off” and “Steal the Show” are good options.

The eyes are a gentle wash of metallic shimmer over the lid. Authentic Beauty recommends “Spark” shimmer pot for the glimmer lovers and “Impulsive” for those who keep it a bit more tame. The eyes are finished with curled eyelashes & lots of mascara, if you haven’t discovered extensions yet-which by the way can be worn in the water 🙂 Additionally, adding smudgy black or brown pencil is a great way to enhance this simple look for night time.

Make sure to bookmark this look as it is super hot & it is very versatile for the season. But even better, schedule a time on Friday to see us for Summer Beauty Day!

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