Beauty is only skin deep, or so they say

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Beauty is only skin deep, or so they say

Beauty is much more than what meets the eye. Your skin may feel and look healthy, but without proper conditioning and treatment, your skin is not truly at its best. Also you may be doing more harm than good if you are using toxic products, which a lot of you do until I set you straight! But in my opinion, one of the best ways to condition your face from the inside out is by getting a facial. Facial treatments can prevent and/or treat problems including acne, sun spots, aging skin and rosacea. You know that I always say that the best base for a great make-up application is healthy skin. We have recently just brought on Amy Schultz, a fabulous skin esthetician to work with Authentic Beauty clients. She exculsively uses Amala products.

There are many benefits to receiving regular facials. Most people come in for relaxation, deep cleansing and extractions of impurities. Most people are looking for a clear complexion and a nice glow. When a client comes for a facial, Amy can educate them on how to properly take care of their skin by creating a home skin care regimen. She tells me that most clients are not using the proper skin care products for their skin types thus throwing the skin’s pH balance off and possibly causing sensitivities, over production of oil or dryness. She addresses many conditions such as acne, sun spots/damage, aging skin and rosacea. And FYI, most sun damage is done much earlier than when it starts to show on the skin. Facials are also great for teens and those who want to start caring for their skin as a preventative measure, and now is a perfect time to get your teen a facial as school starts back very soon.

Amy’s signature services is the Custom Amala facial includes cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, steam, extractions, facial massage, mask, hand & arm massage and hydration. This is a 60 minute facial that is customized to the clients’ specific needs. There are three Amala product collections for the face – Hydrate, Rejuvenate and Purify. The Amala whole plant ingredients will soften, balance and renew the skins elasticity while stimulating cell renewal, providing anti-oxidant protection and repairing the skins natural moisture barrier.

Hydrate – Jasmine is the lead plant ingredient for the Hydrate collection and is known for its powerful skin benefits. It restores lasting hydration and elasticity. provides powerful antioxidant protection from free radical damage and it also soothes and comforts sensitive skin. The treatments in the Hydrate collection replenish and sustain skin’s moisture level for smooth texture and healthy, even tone.

Rejuvenate – the rejuvenate collection helps firm, smooth and renew elasticity with its lead ingredient Cocoa Bean, known for its unique ability to stimulate cell renewal, promote microcirculation and help repair skin’s moisture barrier. Provides powerful antioxidant protection from free radical damage and environmental age damage. Soothes skin and reduces and protects it from inflammation, which can cause collagen breakdown.

Purify – Blue Lotus is the lead ingredient for the purify collection because it infuses the skin with all-natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Purifies the skin as it restores balance.

Amy also offers a firming facial and a brightening facial for those clients with aging or dull skin in need of some radiance.

Amy recommends that a client receives a facial once a month and also begins a home skin care regime to achieve their desired results. Some conditions may require more frequent visits until the condition is under control. In the past facials were considered a luxury however now they are considered a necessity if the client is looking to improve their skin. The skin is the largest organ on the body and your face is the first place people look when they meet you.

Facials are extremely important for the maintenance of your skin’s health, and Amy suggests you receive them once a month. With Amala’s safe products and Amy’s vast knowledge of skin health, now is the perfect time to visit for a facial.  Facials are the most efficient way to achieve a clear complexion and nice glow. Amy also does full body waxing & a back treatment (60 min facial for the back). Schedule an appointment with Amy today.

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    Great post. I thought I know everything about beauty, but I was wrong.

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