Good Day Atlanta Road Warrior Recap

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Good Day Atlanta Road Warrior Recap

Last Tuesday, July 13, Robyn Fujimoto & I were featured on Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta Road Warrior along with RUMM Color Studio, Dr. Chip Cole at Oculus Plastic Surgery, Intimacy & Spa Sydell. We made over a mother of the bride & a mother of the groom for the big wedding day. And c’mon let’s face it, the mothers are really the ones who make everything happen for the big day and a lot of the time, they foot the bill. I have done wedding make-up the past 20 years, and I see so many of the mothers who just let their looks fall by the wayside. They just concentrate on their children & making sure they are happy.

Ladies don’t neglect yourself! You are beautiful! You can shine on your children’s wedding day too! It’s very important to note if you are the mother of the bride or groom at a wedding, make sure not to only wear your everyday make-up. Be brighter, be bolder, dare to look fancier & more dressed up. Remember occasions like this up the ante & everyone expects you to look as though you are more dressed up, so bolder make-up definitely IS included.

Some of the tips for wedding make-up that I suggest, as a general rule, which carry over from my holiday make-up blog are, taking your lashes to the next level (try falsies or my personal favorite, lash extensions by Robyn), use a bolder lip color (try brighter or darker, whatever suits the season & the wedding), do more with your eyes (again lashes, but also use a bit more liner or eye shadow, or both) and lastly, make sure your make-up is well blended & looks natural. But remember you’ll need to use some long lasting foundation & blush, so that halfway through the wedding, your make-up doesn’t come off & you’re not barefaced!

With that being said & the weddings being in October, we advised the mothers to try out some new looks, a few months before the big day, so they could see what worked best. The two women we featured on the Road Warrior on Tuesday, Sibyl (Pictured left) & Nina (Pictured right), were great to work on! Sibyl, the mother of the groom, got hair color, cut and style, facial injectable fillers by Dr. Chip Cole and shapewear by Intimacy. Nina, the mother of the bride got hair color, cut and style, eyelash extensions by Robyn and shapewear by Intimacy. Nina had never had haircolor! Both ladies got gift cards for a massage and a mani-pedi at Spa Sydell. Remember to shine on your child’s wedding day & that Authentic Beauty does wedding make-up for the whole wedding party, mothers included! Book with us today!

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