Stay out of the sun this 4th of July!

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Stay out of the sun this 4th of July!

Research has shown that the sun’s rays are harmful (More than 3.5 million cases in two million people are diagnosed annually, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation), but we keep going out & exposing ourselves to the sun. I know, I know, a lot of that can’t be helped because it’s fun to get outdoors & do things, so I’ll stop getting onto you about being in the sun. What I won’t stop is reiterating over & over to wear SPF & lots of it when you are out in the sunshine! And obviously, it’s not healthy to bake in the sun EVER, but especially if you wear little to no SPF.

Lots of people give me excuses about their burned skin & I know, I’ve been there when I had to constantly reapply sunscreen, but I’ve started using Dr. T’s SuperGoop! & I haven’t had to reapply nearly as much. And there are some other great things about this sunscreen as well! It’s organic & free of carcinogens like oxybenzone, proplyene glycol and octinoxate, and free of endocrine disruptors such as parabens, which are still used in many leading sun protection products. You know I am a huge fan of products that don’t have harmful ingredients in them, which is naturally why I love this sunscreen. I don’t want to be one of the above skin cancer stats so I always to try to protect my skin & why I am a big advocate of spray tanning. I have been over this before & lots of you know that we have True Glow Mobile Spray Tanning at the studio a few days a week. I am a huge fan & you should be too! True Glow & Julie are incredible because after you get sprayed, you don’t look like an oompa loompa and the ingredients in her spray solution are organic & all natural as well.

So this weekend when it’s only natural that everyone is going to be outside, make sure you & your loved ones are protected from the sun! And next week, book a time with Julie to spray. Your skin will never look better! Happy 4th of July! Come see me! I have some SuperGoop! available for purchase at the studio as well.

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