Spark & Hustle 2010

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Spark & Hustle 2010

Last weekend was so amazing for me! I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the 2010 Spark & Hustle: “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” conference with Tory Johnson, the owner of the multi-million dollar company, Women for Hire. She is also a Good Morning America correspondent & an author of a NY Times best selling book. I was so honored to have even been asked to be a speaker at this incredible event built on entrepreneurship & employment for women You know I have dealt with being unemployed & have dealt with roadblocks in the way of my career path (hello building permits!). I definitely think that Tory provided everyone in attendance an inspirational message & spurned women into action. I also think so many of the other guest speakers’ message allowed the women in attendance walk away with something valuable. (Can I get a Church Wave Shameeka?)

I see Tory as a role model for many reasons and that she shares her obstacles openly. I certainly do freely admit mine, as most of you know, and talk openly about the roadblocks I have overcome. I talked about this and how to develop an Authentic Brand and Business at the conference last week. I received so much powerful feedback and was told how my talk inspired so many in attendance.

Building a business is not an easy task and as far as I am concerned you must find as much support and encouragement and “ism’s” along the way to help you remember to stay true to your course. I wrote out my talk several times before I spoke. I was really nervous when I got on stage as this way my first time speaking about my company publicly -rather than about makeup. Once I got in my groove I was on fire!  To read the talk click here or go to Aly’s Blog. I don’t think I missed a single point on stage!

I also was fortunate to do Tory’s make-up for her and  I hope I can do it again sooner than later. Image Journey, Tory???? Tory fell in LOVE with Authentic Beauty’s 3 in 1 Magic Foundation. She saw herself in the mirror and said, How can I get some of this?”  I told her this was the magic makeup I was working on getting funding to have made.  She loved it so much she is currently helping me to strategize!  If 30 people buy three of one color we can get it made and I won’t need the million dollars from an investor LOL. I started a 3 in 1 Fan Page. If you would like more info be sure to like the page and as I get the ordering process established I will keep you posted. You can imagine how many foundations Tory has used throughout her career and for her to give an endorsement, well……I am motivated to be in action…..I was really starting to feel depressed about how difficult it is to get this made.

Again, Tory I thank you for allowing me to be a speaker at this great event, thank you to all of you who attended & thanks also to Laura Scholz of CRAVE Atlanta for setting up Spark & Hustle.

Tory Johnson and Alyson Hoag

Alyson Hoag and Tory Johnson at Spark & Hustle 2010

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  1. *church wave* This weekend was BUH-nanas. So many wonderful women with dynamic ideas who are ready to put in the work. I’m STILL riding the wave. Great presentation, Aly!

  2. Beverly says:

    I soaked in your encouragement and tips and now yearn for you to do my make-up! You and Tory both look fabulously BEE-YOU-tiful.

  3. Believe Alyson in it/you! Ask, do and watch what happens! Thanks for the video shout out! It’s on my FB page! Great to meet you! Sending always great vibe..

  4. Bravo and congrats on a successful speaking engagement!

    I remember writing an article once about having to leave my lipstick behind with airport security while flying to an interview. I know how important smiling is as a sign of confidence and warmth and I was so freaked out over it….but alas, there was a shop in the destination airport where I could grab a new tube.

    Main message for me….never underestimate the power of make up and looking your best. When you look your best, you feel great…and that all adds up to confidence!!

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