Authentic Beauty offers personal classes for fall makeup trends on Oct. 7 & 27

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Authentic Beauty offers personal classes for fall makeup trends on Oct. 7 & 27

You have the make-up, the professional advice [from us, of course], and the trends in mind. Now the real task is transforming the looks onto your cheeks, eyes, and lips in a way that will make you shine. Perhaps now as you’re sitting at your mirror, you’re wishing you had your own Authentic Beauty make-up artist at home to show you exactly how to apply makeup trends. The great news is that now you can have the personal help you crave with make-up classes from Authentic Beauty.

Authentic Beauty is not just committed to supplying you with the trends & products that make you feel beautiful in your own skin, but it’s also committed to teaching you the skills you need in order to create the looks on your own. The incredible staff at Authentic Beauty is pleased to announce two classes dedicated to teaching customers how to make real beauty real simple, ie show you how to work the fall trends. There are two available dates for these trend classes, Oct.7 and Oct. 27 at 6:30 p.m. for only $25 dollars per class. The fee for the class can be applied to a one-on-one lesson with any Authentic Beauty artist.

In these classes [you can take one or both], participants will learn about the make-up trends for the fall and offering an interactive dialogue about fall fashion and how to achieve makeup looks to complement the season’s current trends. For example, you’ll learn about how to do the new Edie, Cynthia, Lauren, and Jennifer fall looks. You’ll be a pro at the smoky eye and applying the amazing copper, gold, and natural colors that are found in all of the make-up trends for the season.

Another cosmetic trick you’ll learn about is the minimalist trend, which is very popular this upcoming fall. Simplicity adds to your natural beauty while the subtle make-up tricks highlight exactly what makes you radiant. It’s great for all ages, styles, and lifestyles!

In comparison, however, is the excitement for the highlighted eye. Bold eyeliner is not only simple, but also dramatic. Try applying a winged liner that works well with bold, dark colored eye shadow. Together these two work together to create a focus on your eyes. The staff at Authentic Beauty will personally teach you every step in getting remarkable and stunning eyes.

Confidence is the starting point for beauty, and after taking a class with Authentic Beauty you’ll have the confidence to apply and experience your make-up in a whole new way. Not only will your self-assurance shine through from the inside, but everyone will be able to see it on the outside as well. You’ll be as cool and assured as the fall breeze stirring up outside—and certain to catch the attention of everyone with your stunning new make-up skills.

To sign up for classes, please book online or call Stephanie at 404-849-0443 or


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