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The Lauren Look

The millennium is a time of change—almost everyone has access to the internet and people are connected. With such a large source of information opening up, it’s understandable that fashion is  evolving and encompassing.  From hip-hop looks, trucker hats, to short flowy skirts, women have many sources to choose from  what they wear.

While encompassing the old—like the Boho-chic looks from the 60’s – and daring to try new fashion, like low-rise skinny jeans, women in the millennium are connected to each others” fashions in the large world of cyber-knowledge.

The millennium makeup was known for two things.  First, it was a great innovation of longer lasting lip stain in great colors—talk about stunning.  And second, between all of the eclectic make-up styles of the millennium, the beauty trend that ended up being most popular is the bronze fad. It is all about shimmery darks, bronzers and natural colors.

Our Lauren look utilizes the most beautiful make-up trends from the millennium. Try out these berry lips, the copper smoky eyes, and pink-bronze (and super sexy) cheeks. Start by applying a chocolate-colored eye pencil on both your lower and upper lash line and blend it out on your lid towards the crease. Top your applied pencil with the “Cosmo” colored shimmer pot. It’s a pretty copper color that goes perfect with the bronze fad of the millennium.  Apply your shimmery shadow from the pot with a Design Eye #1  or Squirrel #11f  brush for best definition.

Again in this look, set the skin up to look smooth & flawless with our 3 in 1 foundation & complete the look with a bronze and pink cheek.  Use Sunset Shimmer and Shimmering Sandstone colors. Apply the Sunset Shimmer lightly and the Shimmering Sandstone mildly to heavily.  Remember to smile when applying!

Lips are glossy, so we’re utilizing our awesome berry stain gloss for the Lauren.  Use the “Catfight” gloss—it’s a Pinot Noir color, which will make your teeth look extra white and wearable.

Being tan all over is also great with this look, so make sure to book an appointment with Julie McGee of  True Glow Mobile Spray Tanning. This could also eliminate your need for a lot of foundation to cover up imperfections.

The millennium inspired Lauren look allows all girls to show off their natural skin with the beautiful appeal of bronze.  You’re the complete package with Lauren— bronze, mysterious, and stunningly you!

Be sure to come check out these looks at Champagne and Shadows. We will be celebrating the Grand Reopening of the  Authentic Beauty Studio and Salon at C & S on Oct. 22. For more information check out our website & our Facebook invitation.

You can also join us for our Fall Trends Classes on October  27th. Our class last night was great! We had a good crowd & Crystal knocked out the looks. The cost  for the class is $25 and can be applied to a one on one lesson with one of our  Authentic Beauty Artists. Call Stephanie to RSVP at 404-849-0443 or  email at

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