Authentic Beauty & Project Prom

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Authentic Beauty & Project Prom

Remember when you were in high school? Think about what mattered to you then & what matters to you now. Your priorities are probably  starkly different now. Before it was so important regarding who made the team, who got the best grades, who was crowned homecoming queen or king & who asked who to the prom. But let me say, I know how significant that is, not only because I was in high school once & I worried about that kind of thing, but also because I have two teenage kids who are living that reality right now. And it’s all a huge deal. With the seasons changing & spring coming about, now the thing to prep for & worry about is prom. But really does everyone worry about prom? Is it really that big of a deal? The answers to both questions are yes. So no matter what kind of school it is-public or private school or even a low income school, prom is a super important occasion.

I am very excited that Authentic Beauty will participate in For the Kid in All of Us’ event-Project Prom on Sunday, March 20 at the W Midtown. This event will help Georgia’s underprivileged teens bring their prom dreams to life. The fund-raiser cocktail party & fashion show, hosted by The River DJ-Kaedy Kiely, will feature Grady High School students in the UrbanCourture program modeling refashioned prom gowns. Miss Georgia 2010, Christina McCauley, will also walk the runway in one of the dresses.

My friend E. Vincent Martinez, the head of Grady’s UrbanCourture program, SCAD fashion design professor, Jason Bunin & the English Design Lab reworked the gowns donated by Becca’s Closet for a totally fresh & unique look. Authentic Beauty artists, Nyssa Green of FOX and the Green Agency and Raney O’Keefe will be doing the make-up & styling at this event for the models.

Also we do prom make-up at Authentic Beauty for $50-65. And with enough girls we will go on location as well. Obviously, I know how important it is to help women & girls achieve their most beautiful look while still staying true to their authentic self. We do this on a regular basis through Image Journeys as well as helping with a bevy of events, weddings & the like. I would love for you to experience an Image Journey or get your make-up done by me or one of my artists for prom, a wedding or any event.  Now is the perfect time  to see me or any other of my incredibly talented artists or book an appointment  online. Call Stephanie at 404-849-0443 or

Tickets to Project prom are $35; you can purchase them on the For the Kid’s website. So if you can come out & enjoy a fashion extravaganza, along with food and drink from the W Midtown. Also if any of you reading my blog have any connections to limo services, tux rental shops or florists, please let me know! We would love to get as many local businesses involved with this fantastic cause. I hope you can make it to Project Prom!

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