Get Glowing: Party-Perfect Airbrush Tan with Shimmer!

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As the holidays draw ever closer, the holiday party season is upon us once again!

Unless you were one of the lucky few who spent Thanksgiving on a private beach, like the vast majority of us of us, your summer tan has gone the way of the summer weather. When cocktail party attire calls for showing a little skin, what is an Authentic Beauty to do?

Come on in and try out our fantastic Organic Airbrush tan!  Our customized tanning solution features Eco-cert DHA, is cruelty free, and is designed for all skin tones; from the fairest shades of ivory to the deepest mocha tones. Our solution is also vitamin and antioxidant enriched, leaving your skinhealthy and glowing from the inside out!   


Want to really turn up your glow an extra notch for an evening out??  We offer a dazzling shimmer coat- in your choice of golden or opalescent.  We recommend that light to medium skin tones choose the opal, and medium to dark tones choose gold- but both shimmer colors are truly beautiful on all skin tones.  To be clear, we are talking about the most finely milled shimmer- NOT disco ball worthy glitter!  It leaves the skin with a soft incandescence which diffuses light and softens any skin concerns: uneven skin tone, spider veins, stretch marks, etc.


Leave the stockings at home by the chimney and show a little leg with confidence this holiday season! No one but you will know your afterglow came from 10 minutes at Authentic Beauty Studio and Salon- and not a week in St. Bart’s.  

To book your private session, call the salon at 404-849-0443, or you can self-book online via

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