We love Renaissance Organics home delivery!

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A few weeks ago we got a truly wonderful and delicious surprise! A delivery to our studio of stunning pristine organic fruit and vegetables from Renaissance Organics, a premium organics home and office delivery service. I opened up the box to find a thermal protective wrapping keeping every bit of goodness inside chilly. Our resident food writer and personal chef, you know her as my director of operations, Stephanie Anderson squealed with glee as she took out each item. “I can’t believe organic can look even better than chemically treated produce!”  She instantly asked around to see what this company is all about.


Stephanie and I both met with the local representative and learned the company is committed to sourcing the absolutely best of the best organic produce weekly. The benefit over traditional CSA programs is you do get a choice in what you do not want to receive and it is delivered to your home versus the customer having to go pick up their box from a communal drop location. The food is kept cold from the moment it leaves the farm, when it is in the warehouse and  when it’s delivered to you. It’s also brought you sooner  than you can buy organic produce in a mass retailer store like Whole foods or Publix.  You get your fruits and vegetables in 2-3 days instead of 5-7.  It is the best of the best.


We’ve opted to get a weekly delivery here for the staff to show continued support of our company commitment to organic and non- toxic. Supporting farmers everywhere can benefit us all. Each week it really does feel like Christmas when we open our beautiful box and see what treats are in store. Stephanie will be posting a recipe or two each week in her wildly popular food blog called “What’s in my box?”. Follow her on twitter @ironsteph or her website directly  www.dishesdelicious.net, “The daily dish”.

Four of us at the studio are juicers and use the produce to make their morning nutrient powerhouse.   The rest of us are finding inspiration in Stephanie’s wealth of creative ideas that literally take vegetables to out of the box places!


October is national vegetarian awareness month. Why not think about adding more fresh organic produce to your meals every day?

A few shots from a beautiful garden party Stephanie prepared with Renaissance Organics produce last week:


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