What the heck is dermaplaning?

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Today I had my first dermal planing experience and it was here at Authentic Beauty. I had heard over the years of the smoothing exfoliating benefit it has as well as peach fuzz removal but didn’t know the extent of how meticulous and thorough, yet gentle of a process it is. Think of a man shaving his face daily and how smooth his cheek, chin and jaw always look. This is along that line but more gentle. A sterile single use blade is used for this process and an esthetician has to be trained and certified to perform this service.

You can have this during a facial or by itself as a single service. The esthetician preps your skin with cleansing, toning then drying it well so the skin can be shaved off with tiny light strokes of a scalpel. The benefit of this over microdermabrasion is it can get closer to the eye area (you know, crow’s feet) and lines around the lip and neck area. Peach fuzz comes off too so the dead skin and fuzz create almost tiny tumbleweeds.  

This is great for people like me that are using retinoids. The layers are already loosened from that treatment and flake off more easily. It also immediately helped the hyperpigmentation from my summer vacation in the Caribbean that is still lingering. Products penetrate quickly and work with more efficacy after this treatment. The esthetician recommended to use vitamin C serum such as the Amala rejeuvenate to further help with the hyperpigmentation. My makeup slipped on effortlessly right after as well. You can immediately apply makeup because there is no steaming or extractions during this process so the pores are not open. This can be repeated every 3-4 weeks. Goodbye summer skin! Hello beautiful!

In the month of November it’s only $5 to add it on to any full price facial too!

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