Prom: Are You Ready?

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Prom is most likely the first time that a girl gets to dress up like a princess for “real”. If you think about it there are so few moments in one’s lifetime, post prom in which you are given the chance to truly ‘dress to the nines”. I recommend to absolutely make your own or your daughter’s prom experience unforgettable.

Prom is the time to let your own personal style shine and to show off how well you “clean up”.  At Authentic Beauty we believe that your image should be a projection of your Authentic Self.  If you have the opportunity to do some reflecting about what kind of style you would prefer you will feel more like your Self and less like someone playing dress up. Is your style Pretty, Flirty, Glamorous,  Exotic, Glitzy, Romantic, Vintage, Futuristic, Bohemian, Classic or Clean?  Or a combination of a few? Start pulling some pictures of makeup looks you are drawn to and see if any of them complement your dress choice. If you are on Pinterest I highly recommend making a few boards with a few different themes and then choose which ones you truly love. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration

There are no hard and fast rules about makeup for your event. You want to choose a look that complements the overall style of the dress and choose colors that are in the color palette of the dress. The most important tip I can give is that the makeup must last. If you are doing your  own makeup you might want to practice a few times and take a few pictures of yourself to make sure that you have achieved the look you were going for.

Professional makeup application is a great way to ensure that your makeup will complement your attire, be meticulously applied and last all night. Professional artists (not counter girls who are sales associates) are trained to craft a look that will be unique to you and your coloring, facial structure, attire and leave you loving what you see when you look in the mirror.

I found this article to have some great tips that I agree with so feel free to explore and take what you like.


Makeup is incredibly important in building a beautiful image on such an important night. Unfortunately I think it is an after thought for many. A lot girls are afraid of makeup and of being MADE OVER. If it is applied properly it will absolutely enhance who you are and project the best you possible without looking overly done and being camera ready at the same time. We want your date to look at you and think “WOW! You look Great” Not,  “Oh! Look at that makeup”. If you don’t have any makeup on; here you are with this fancy dress and NO FACE. You look faceless with no makeup in a beautiful dress. Imagine if a celebrity didn’t wear any makeup on the red carpet?  I am not saying that you are not beautiful without any makeup but what I am saying is be appropriate to your environment. Just as women who wear too much makeup at the gym look silly so do women in dresses with no makeup. It’s about balance.

I hope you allow yourself to have fun this Prom season and experiment with lots of fun and exciting looks. There is a LOT to choose from. And if you would like to explore professional makeup application Authentic Beauty is here for you! We are offering Prom Makeup, Hair and Spray Tanning Specials .

$45 Makeup Applications $30 Spray Tanning and $10 off any Hair Service

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