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For over 12 years  doing makeup professionally for every day women, brides, models, beauty pageant contestants, and on local films, in photography and even as a special effects makeup artist, Authentic Beauty’s Rosie Gillespie takes pride and passion working with a variety of clients within the beauty industry. “I love helping women find themselves and for them to see how gorgeous they really are,” Rosie said. “When a woman looks in the mirror and feels beautiful, it brightens her entire day and I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to get to be a part of those moments.”

At Authentic Beauty, her services include makeup applications, a variety of makeup lessons from smokey eyes to full face techniques and doing Authentic Beauty’s signature service, the Image Journey, the ultimate, transformational makeover experience.

“Makeup accentuates natural beauty and can really bring attention to specific features that you want to showcase,” Rosie said. “Makeup lessons are important because they not only teach proper makeup techniques and tricks to maximize the results of a makeup regimen, they also teach you not to hide your natural self under makeup, but to intensify it.”

Here are 5 makeup tips from Rosie for creating gorgeous makeup and showcasing glowing, flawless skin.

1. Can I just wear one color of foundation?
I get asked this by a majority of the clients that I work with and the answer to this is probably not. Some people will luck out and can find their exact shade on the shelf at the store, but for most people, it will take a combination of shades to perfectly match them. This is why Authentic Beauty’s customized for you, safe and non toxic Magic 3-in-1 Foundation is offered in 3 different sizes (quarter, half and full size pans.)

2. Should I wear a powder on top of my foundation?
The old saying, “less is more”, generally can be applied to foundation. In most cases, if you layer too much on the skin, it will begin to look “cakey” and can actually make any imperfection more visible. When using our 3-in-1 foundation, or a matte foundation, you shouldn’t need to use a powder over it. Just wiping any excess product off of your brush onto a clean towel and buffing your foundation with your brush should set the product for a beautiful, natural finish. If powder is used, it should be used lightly to achieve a soft, velvety finish.

3. Does eyeshadow make wrinkles more visible and/or make you appear older?
Yes, if the wrong type of shadow is used, wrinkles can be made more visible and someone can appear older. I have found that for most of my more mature clients, a matte shadow is actually the ideal choice, especially when choosing a highlighter.

4. What works best- liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner?
In the words of Alyson Howard-Hoag, “Pencils are for defining, not for lining.” What this means is that if a pencil is great for defining the eye though smudging (especially when doing smokey eye looks), it is probably not best for lining. My preferred method for lining the eye is using a liner sealer. This is a liquid that can be mixed with any eyeshadow to create the perfect eyeliner. It has the look and advantages of a gel or liquid, but is more versatile because you can create any color liner you can think of.

5. Should I wear a lip liner?
Lip liners are extremely useful when you are creating a look that needs more definition or for longer wear. They are also useful for layering under a lipstick to create a more dramatic custom lip look; however, for a casual or day look, I usually will not recommend a lip liner. I find that not using a liner actually creates a more natural, even look to the lips.

For more makeup tips from Rosie and to schedule your appointment with her today, book your appointment online here, visit the studio located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342, call 404.849.0443 or email us at or

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