Capturing Real Women and Real Beauty, the Photography of Mia McCorkle

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Mia McCorkle is a talented Atlanta photographer and the creative force behind Authentic Beauty’s Spring Makeup Campaign, Spring into Action, celebrating Real Women and Real Beauty and the characteristics that make women so incredible!

open graphic authenticbeauty-4daee03f-295e-431a-b0d0-045c927188a2-v2Mia photographed all the women in this collection who are Authentic Beauty’s very own clients. They are mothers, sisters, and working professionals. Their beauty resonates in their souls and is articulated on the pages of their lives. And Mia was the perfect photographer because she too is a true authentic beauty who made this series a reality.

As a former model and now mother and owner of her own photography business, she understands how to capture real women and true beauty. “I love photographing people, especially women. That is why my shoot at Authentic Beauty was one of my favorites,” Mia said. “Getting to know the models, the makeup artists and hair stylists and watching the entire process unfold was magical to me.”


MiaMia got her start in professional photography after the birth of her son. “ I shot everything I could including friends, neighbors, children, products, architecture, and pets,” she said. But the most memorable and happy photos for her were the candid shots she took of her son.

Today, she is the owner of JTM Photography and she credits her son with this rebirth in her career. “I bought my first professional camera to take the best photos of my son that I could. Little did I know at the time that because of him I was actually reborn and I discovered a passion and love for a job almost as much as I love him!”

To learn more about Mia McCorkle and JTM Photography, visit her website here or call (404) 432-4511.

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