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Today’s look will take us five minutes or less and is perfect for summer. But before we begin creating a five minute makeup look, the first questions to ask are What look do I want to create? and What tools do I need?  

Having all your tools including your makeup and any necessary brushes and pencils laid out in front of you and a plan of the look you want to create before you start are integral to creating a five minute makeup look. With just five minutes to play with, you need things accessible to you and a clear picture in your head of what you want to create.

Also, how you organize your makeup bag is critical. Makeup bag maintenance is key to streamlining your makeup routine. Once you have your tools in front of you and a plan of the look you want to create, you are ready for our five minute makeup routine!

Watch the video here!


STEP 1: Apply your foundation. Good natural light is best and have a mirror close to you. We recommend the safe and non toxic Magic 3 in 1 Foundation

STEP 2: Next is lip color. While this might seem counterintuitive to what you were taught in the past, lip color after foundation is key to creating balance for your overall look. You can get a custom blended lipstick or lipgloss right at our studio.

STEP 3: Apply blush. Choose a blush color that is complimentary to your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone, opt for warmer colors. Pick a brush that suits your face. Have a wider face? Opt for a wider brush. A thinner face means a thinner brush. Then apply 3 dabs of blush to your brush and tap it out onto to a towel and smile! Then apply blush from the apple of your cheek to your ear. A buff brush is next to get rid of lines of demarcation.

STEP 4: Eyebrows are next to frame your face.

STEP 5:  Eyeliner or no eyeliner? You can skip this step if you don’t want eyeliner. If you do, eyeliner takes your look to the next level!

STEP 6:  Eyeshadow is next.  Since we have five minutes total to create this look, use a shadow that represents your skin tone. Apply this shadow to 3/4s of your eye. Then, use your regular powder under the eyebrow as a highlighter for a flawless finish!

STEP 7: Take your powder and buff your face to set your foundation.

STEP 8: Add mascara or for an even faster routine opt for extensions and forgo mascara altogether. Extensions from Authentic Beauty last 2 to 3 weeks depending upon your lash growth.

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Alyson Howard-Hoag: Authentic Beauty CEO & Founder

All the products used in this tutorial including our very own Magic 3 in 1 Foundation from Authentic Beauty are available online on our online store for purchase.

And stay tuned next week for another five minute makeup tutorial to get you in and out the door and looking your absolute best. Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio is located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. Call us at 404.849.0443 or email us at appointments@authenticbeautyllc.com.



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