A deadly quest for beauty: Stay tuned for a documentary screening

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“In a society where celebutantes like Paris Hilton dominate newsstands and models who weigh less than 90 pounds die from malnutrition, female body image is one of the more dire problems facing today’s society. America the Beautiful is a powerful documentary that illuminates America’s unhealthy obsession with beauty by covering every base. Child models, plastic surgery, celebrity worship, airbrushed advertising, dangerous cosmetics – no rock is left unturned.”–from IMDB.

Coming in March, Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio will be screening the documentary America the Beautiful that explores America’s unhealthy obsession with beauty. Filmmaker Darryl Roberts went on a two year journey to examine America’s obsession with physical perfection and the deadly risks of our nation’s quest for physical perfection.

In this documentary,  we learn how increasingly unattainable images in advertising and in films contribute greatly to the rise of low self-esteem, body dismorphia, and eating disorders for young women and girls who also happen to be the beauty industry’s largest consumers. Who actually benefits from this high-priced journey towards this ideal? Is corporate America’s bottom line so important that it justifies a nation’s psychosis? What are the true costs of our obsession with youth, beauty, and a slender physique?

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