In memory of a great mentor… Ron Guarino

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How do you begin writing about someone that has contributed so much to your life? I met Ron Guarino 21 years ago by happenstance. I had decided I wanted to learn more about the art of makeup and how to be a better makeup artist for the camera. Back in those days (1994), we had no You Tube videos and very few ways  to connect with other artists. You just went out and made mistakes until you learned.

Ron had been a makeup artist for many years and he taught an incredible class to help people become artists. Somehow I heard about this class and I was able to attend. Ron’s humor, passion, expertise and inspiring personality helped me to become a better person and makeup artist. He also taught me how to do brows.

I have shared repeatedly how I discovered brow sculpting. I was convinced that everyone needed to leave their brows alone. As a teenager, I was a model and my agent said to me don’t ever touch your brows because they won’t grow back. I was young and impressionable and as I started taking more and more makeup clients I heard most of them say I tweezed my brows once and they never grew back. I took this to heart and believed no one should touch their natural shape.

When Ron began the segment on eyebrow enhancement, he took one look at my brows and said we are going to do your brows. I shreiked!  I had managed to have virgin brows at 26 years old. That’s when he said we are going to trim them. Huh? So, he cut my brows, cleaned up the hair underneath and voila my brows have been perfect for over 20 years thanks to him. Then I said, “you need to teach me everything you know about brows.”

I started doing brows because I could not do makeup on a face that had bad brows. Once I saw the angles of the brow in relation to the eye and face, I couldn’t unsee it. I had no idea my brow business would take over my makeup business and that I would be named the brow guru of Atlanta and win best of brows year after year.

The success I have had in my career truly was because of Ron’s encouragement and talent. I was fortunate that a few years ago, right after Authentic Beauty opened,  Ron came to our Champagne and Shadows event. I had not seen him since 1994 and he had no idea what I had gone on to do.  That night, I was able to share with him what he fostered. Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio exists becasue of Ron. The 2500 clients that have passed through these doors have great brows because of him. There isn’t a day that I don’t credit him with the artist I have become.

Online, I found this written about him. “His enormous character, abundance of knowledge and ever present smile will be sorely missed by all who knew him.” That is so true.

I am so sad that he has moved on from this world. I send my best wishes for peace to his wife and family. His wife Stephanie is an executive trainer for LaPrarie as well as a brow guru. She has contributed  much to the beauty industry.

What I want to leave you with is to remember that you never know how you are going to impact someone’s life. Just share who you are and your gifts and imagine what can unfold for this world if you do? Thank you, Ron.


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