Massage services now available at Authentic Beauty.

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Stephanie Walent, who specializes in neuro muscular therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, and energy work as a Reiki master, is a welcome addition and incredible talent joining the Authentic Beauty team.

Licensed in 2014 from Gwinnett College, she has found her calling healing people and making them feel better. “Seeing someone in pain, seeing that in their eyes and then seeing their eyes clear and their bodies relax and begin to feel better? That makes my heart swell,” she said.

No matter your issue, whether you have a specific area you want to work on or you just want to relax, communication with your massage theraist is integral, she added. “When I do a massage, I design it specifically for what a person needs. Some people want to target a certain area and others just want to be pampered,” she said. “Because every body is different, don’t expect the same one size fits all massage.”

In addition to massage, she is also a Reiki expert and her Reiki services relax the body, release endorphins, get rid of toxins, elevate oxygen within the body, improve emotions and you are better able to absorb nutrients. 

Get a 30 minute massage or energy work for just $40.00. A 60 minute session is just $80. 120 minutes is $ 120.00 and a 2 hour session is just $160.

To schedule a massage or energy session with Stephanie at Authentic Beauty, click here. She is at Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and on weeknights by appointment only. Stephanie can be reached at 770 235 7351.




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