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The countdown has officially begun. It’s week #50 until I turn 50. My 49th year has begun and, already, I’m trying to decide what I want to do for my 50th birthday. It also happens to be the 10-year anniversary of my business, Authentic Beauty, and I already have planned three surf retreats and a trip to India with a friend of mine who owns a company called Around the World Beauty. Top that off with my daughter graduating from Georgia Southern University and the planning stages of another European Adventure, and you have quite a busy year to come.

A LOT is happening. It’s a good problem to have!

As I head into my 50th year on this planet, the most important question I’m asking myself is what kind of lifestyle do I want for my self?

This is a question we don’t ask ourselves enough (if at all) when we begin our adult lives. We just kind of get going as life hands us sets of circumstances. Whether that means marriage, children, a busy career or something else, life can become a blur. Then, one day, we seem to “wake up” and find ourselves anxious about where we suddenly find ourselves.

When I was younger, I was fortunate to be introduced to the concept of designing a life worth living. Through this introduction, I developed an understanding of life that allowed me the mental freedom to become a makeup artist, a personal trainer, a competitive cyclist at 29 years old, a surfer even later in life (because I loved it not because I’m any good) and to launch a business in Authentic Beauty that I both love and means a lot to me on a very foundational level.

What we do ask ourselves at different intervals in our lives are questions like, “What is important to me?” or “What is meaningful in my life?”

Births, deaths, divorces and so much more force us to ask important (and often tough) questions that we normally don’t take time to consider because we’re busy and life gets in the way. Asking these types of questions can be disruptive. But, when you do begin asking them, you may realize that the life, relationships or material possessions you have are no longer want drives you— or may be things that you really didn’t even want in the first place if you’re honest with yourself.

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