The Memento Hair Service: A Bespoke Hair Care Experience at Authentic Beauty

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A Luxurious & Nurturing Hair Treatment and Self-Care Service to Replenish, Restore and Beautify your Hair and Yourself !

About a year ago, I noticed a company name coming up in my Google alerts called Authentic Beauty Concept.  They are a hair company out of the Netherlands that embraces so many of the same healthy and holistic principals that Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta does!

An Authentic Beauty Concept Memento Hair Service is a relaxing and restorative hair service replete with scalp massage and treatment to replenish, hydrate and restore your hair!

Authentic Beauty Concept is a holistic premium hair care brand with at home vegan, hair care products and a line of hair treatments and masks performed in the salon that replenish, hydrate, and restore hair back to a healthy, vibrant, luxurious state. 

What is a Memento Hair Service? 

An Authentic Beauty Concept Memento Hair Service is a relaxing and restorative hair service replete with scalp massage and treatment to best suit a clients’ mood, schedule, and hair needs. Our very own staff, including JazmenGlory Kelly, Courtney Shay, Olivia Gagne and Crystal Archibald, have learned how to mix a carefully selected essence with a chosen hair mask to create a bespoke hair care treatment specifically designed for your specific hair needs and mood. 

  • This relaxing memento hair service includes a shampoo at the bowl with holistic and vegan products followed by the appropriate choice of Authentic Beauty Mask and Essence applied at the color bar (section by section), combed through, massaged in, and left to sit with or without heat. It is followed by a scalp and hand massage. Then, you get a rinse at the bowl and a towel dry (style not included) all priced at just $40. This price also includes a mask to take home. This is a special value!
  • A combination of tapping, circular, crisscross, and linear massage gestures are incorporated into this one-of-a-kind hair service to aid inner beauty and peace, reviving beauty from within. The scalp massage focuses on specific pressure points to aid relaxation, to rebalance hair, mind and soul using slow and rhythmic movements to create a lasting moment worth remembering.
  • For a final moment of calm, special earplugs and a blindfold block out the outside world so salon clients can take a moment to reconnect with themselves. 

This unique, in-salon, Memento Hair Service is the ultimate in self-care. Check out this video to learn more!

Add a Memento Hair Service with Authentic Beauty hairstylist JazmenGlory Kelly and our other staff members, onto your existing brow, makeup or skin appointment or book a stand-alone appointment for this one-of-kind hair service at the studio!

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To read about the Covid-19 safety protocols we have in place at the studio, click here.

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