Winterize Your Skin & Change Your Makeup Routine Forever!

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Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio wants you to love the skin you are in but winter weather often brings with it dry, dehydrated skin, windburn, breakouts and more. And for some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling; their skin gets so dry that it starts to flake (face) or crack and peel (hands and feet).

winterize your skin at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

Here are some expert tips from Authentic Beauty in Atlanta on how to winterize your skincare routine that will also transform your makeup routine forever!

1. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!
Moisturizer is king this time of year.  Everyone should moisturize their hands more frequently and use something a little heavier on their face (and other body parts too) than they use during other seasons. Opt for our organicSpa cream cleanser, toner and moisture rich and intense moisturizer.


2. Exfoliate
You need to exfoliate in the winter and our organicspa at home exfoliator is an exquisite, creamy scrub that gently polishes away dead skin cells and ingrained impurities.

organicspa skincare at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

It helps stimulate circulation and reveals a smoother, brighter and invigorated complexion and it works wonders using sea loofa and black walnut shell for it’s exfoliating properties.

SEX-A-PEEL by Sonia Roselli now available at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

We also can’t speak highly enough about sexApeel– an instant exfoliating spray.  It’s a spray you can use once a week that instantly peels away dry, flaky skin to reveal flawless skin for your face, hands, feet, your body and even for men and bald heads. And it is perfect to use prior to applying your makeup, before a spray tan, before a manicure or pedicure and when you want your best skin to shine through.  Read more about it here.

3. Use this gel eye mask to bring life to dry, dull, tired-looking eyes. 

The bubbles might have gone to your head, but we have a cure for your eyes! Champagne Hangover under eye gel mask uses hyaluronic acid- the most potent natural hydrator known. Replenish your under-eye area quickly with the soothing effect of a cucumber hydrosol and botanical extracts to reduce the appearance of tired, dull-looking eyes.

4. It’s Facial Time


Every four to six weeks, we highly recommend getting a facial to help eliminate dead, dry skin. Our Nourish and Nurture facial calms and quenches thirsty, dry and dehydrated skin with intense hydration, replenishing lost moisture and recovering luminosity.

Another facial is the AHA peel facial. It uses a papaya enzyme to exfoliate dead dry skin. Its pretty amazing and it’s perfect for most skin types that exfoliates, stimulates collagen and brightens your face.  This bio-active peel is designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin. The gel peel has highly active ingredients which provide intensive support for the skin’s regenerative processes.

5. Three Makeup Products in One- Authentic Beauty’s Safe & Non Toxic Foundation!

Authentic Beauty Magic 3 in 1 Foundation and Application Brush.

With Authentic Beauty’s very own cosmetics line and our non toxic Magic 3 in 1 Foundation, your makeup routine just got a whole lot easier in 2021.  This one product does 3 powerful things.  It’s a foundation and it conceals and camouflages!

Authentic Beauty's Magic 3 in 1 Foundation with brush

Following the standards of the Environmental Working Group and the Cosmetics Database, the Magic 3 in 1 Foundation is an easy to use, non-toxic, ORGANIC PLANT WAX-based foundation. Imagine having just 1 product with so many powerful uses!

6. Forget the Powder
We advise against wearing powder in the winter because it makes your face look cakey and the goal of foundation application is to look glowing and healthy.

Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio

To book a facial appointment online click here or call our studio at 404-849-0443. Authentic Beauty is located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. 

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