Let Us Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? This is a common question that we ask our clients at Authentic Beauty and unfortunately, it has a very common answer, “Never.”

Most clients are unaware that their makeup brushes could be the secret culprit behind those occasional acne breakouts that seem to come out of nowhere. It’s true, your makeup brushes collect dead skin and oils that your skin produces every time you touch them to your face. Over time, these oils and dead skin can become a breeding ground for bad bacteria!

Here are the most common questions that we receive when the discussion of makeup brush cleaning starts. We’ve also provided simple answers along with services in our studio that can help!

How often should makeup brushes be cleaned?
Once a week for most brushes. Especially brushes that are used with creamy or liquid products like foundation or concealer.

How do you properly clean makeup brushes?
Gently wet only the hair of the brush and add a small amount of soap or shampoo to create a lather. Carefully rinse out the lather without getting the handle of the brush wet. Lay the brush to dry on a towel.

What type of soap should be used to clean brushes?
You can use your favorite shampoo or hand soap. You might have to break out the dish soap if you are using a lot of creamy foundation.

Let us simplify this extra step in your life by cleaning your brushes for you! On your next visit to the Authentic Beauty studio for your brow or skin services, simply bring your makeup brushes with you. We will have them properly cleaned and ready for you by the time you leave.

  • 15 brushes or less: $20
  • More than 15 brushes: $28

Call us at 404.849.0443 to book your next appointment and let them know that you will be bringing your makeup brushes with you for cleaning!

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