America the Beautiful Comes to Atlanta Thursday the 23rd

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America the Beautiful movie viewing I’m so thrilled to announce that next Thursday, Sept. 23, Studio Movie Grill in Roswell will be hosting a viewing party of the PG-13 version of the movie, America the Beautiful for free! Brought to us in partnership with Atlanta Girl Magazine and sponsored by Remuda Ranch, the event starts […]

All You Need is Love and a Little Lipstick

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It’s hard to believe it’s my birthday AGAIN. How does that happen? I know there are 365 Days between birthdays but it sees like just yesterday we were celebrating on top of Whiskey Blue. The theme for my birthday, starting from when I turned forty: ” All You Need is Love and A Little Lipstick”. […]

A Country Molded by Unattainable Beauty Standards

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A Country Molded by Unattainable Beauty Standards As many of you know, I started Authentic Beauty after seeing the Dove Real Beauty Campaign and out of my desire to see all women everywhere embrace their Authentic beauty. I was, and still am sick & tired of all these beautiful, smart & talented women comparing themselves […]