“Just got a compliment on my skin at my doctor’s office. What’s new? Wearing AB’s new foundation. Love it!”

Authentic Beauty client Angela Stalcup.


“Best brows and makeup anywhere! Plus Aly and the rest of the ladies are so FUN!”

Authentic Beauty client Arleen Hernandez

Best brows anywhere….no contest!! Gifted makeup artists trained by Aly have the right touch. They bring out your beauty without making you look ‘made up”.
Authentic Beauty client Susan Bogan Nelson

“This is by far hands down the best boutique beauty stop to get your eyebrows and makeup done in the Atlanta Metro area!”

Authentic Beauty client Andrea Klein


“If you want to feel beautiful, then go visit Alyson Hoag at Authentic Beauty. She is truly a professional and stunning is an understatement of how you will feel when your beauty journey is complete. Not only will she make you look like your authentic self, she teaches you how to maintain your look on a daily basis. Every woman is truly beautiful in her own way and your beauty journey will teach you how to best express this everyday. After my experience, I have taken several friends to Alyson who have loved their experience as much as I did.”
Stacey Weiss, Co-Founder and President, Bert’s Big Adventure


“I don’t have an older sister and my mother doesn’t wear makeup so makeup always seemed very mysterious to me. I would go to the makeup counter, spend a ton of money and then in a week be back to just wearing the same mascara that I wore before. I had an Image Journey. The artist took the time to listen to me and get to know me. She taught me how to apply makeup, how to use what I have and what to look for when buying make up, and she gave me a few different “looks” – so if I get up late I can literally spend five minutes and still look pulled together. Makeup is now fun for me and I feel more confident and can’t wait to learn more!

Authentic Beauty Client, Jenny Miller


“The headline speaks for itself. If you’ve ever had doubts about the way you wear your make-up or that your eyebrows aren’t as perfect as they could be, Alyson Hoag and the other ladies of Authentic Beauty can fix all of your problems and you can look in the mirror at yourself and smile. I once had the problem of over-tweezed eyebrows and after Alyson having me grow them out and work her magic with the tweezers, I now actually get compliments on my eyebrows. It’s crazy. Alyson is not only great at what she does, but she also has the most amazing personality and charisma where you just want to sit in her salon and talk to her for hours. She also fixed my foundation problem and I am happy to say my face no longer looks orange!”

Authentic Beauty Client, Kristin Lee Adreano


“Thanks again for all of your help. As I said during our time together, I feel like there is a reason why I waited as long as I have to really learn about make-up. I needed a non-judgemental teacher to help me learn to find the way to express that side of myself without feeling self-conscious. I really appreciate what you said about the different “modes” of being: CEO self, etc. I realize that these different versions of self require not only different clothing but also a different look on the face. Thank You for valuing the individual. What a breath of fresh air! I look forward to seeing you again.”

Authentic Beauty Client Keeley Marie Stitt


“Hi Alyson, thank you for this, congratulations on your Grand Opening! I am an Event Planner and have had such success with you all, personally and with my clients. My last event booked was with Courtney, who did a November wedding for my Bridal party…everyone LOVED how they looked and she was very accommodating. You also have done a wonderful job for my daughter’s various past High School functions (she’s now a Freshman at NYU). Anyway, thank you and I always look forward to working with you and your Authentic Beauty team.”

Karen Segal, Your Party by Karen, LLC


“I wore the make up on Sunday and my friend Bob said, hey did you get some new contacts or something? I said no, It’s the make up. He said, no, I mean, I see you have make up on, but your eyes, there’re just so . . . . so wow, they are really standing out! I laughed and thought of you. Thanks for the wow“.

Authentic Beauty Client-Ursula