How To Videos

The Classic Smokey Eye for Beginners

Learn how to create a gorgeous Smokey Eye that will get heads turning your way. In this makeup tutorial, Olivia teaches you how to achieve this classic smokey eye for beginners. And she will be sharing a couple of different tricks and tips for making this as easy and quick as possible.

How to Glow Up with Contouring and Highlighting

Why do we contour and highlight? Should I contour? Is it even for me? In this makeup tutorial, Stephanie demystifies the contour and highlighting technique teaching you how to quickly and easily add depth and dimension to your face. She also teaches you how you can use contouring to accentuate your cheek bones and bring out your bone structure, minimize other features and add highlighting to give you a gorgeous, reflective glow.

Eyes or Face: Which Should You Do First?

In this webinar, Olivia is going to explain why she chooses to do her eye makeup first before applying her foundation and how to get a flawless complexion with minimal products and with very little time to work with. 

Once you watch this video, you will be able to take these techniques and create this look on your own and also have a better understanding of how to make the decision on what part of your face to apply makeup to first.

The Perfect Red Lip

Make a statement with the classic red lip. Learn how to create this gorgeous, glamorous, standout pout in minutes.

Timeless, classic, sexy, and powerful. These are some of the words that come up when someone says red lipstick! In this makeup video tutorial, Stephanie is going to show you how to apply a red lip in no time resulting in a crisp, gorgeous, glam look. She will also give you a better understanding of what shades of red lipstick to use based on skin tones and undertones. Once she has covered the different shades of red lipstick, she will then go over the different formulas to include matte, sheer, cream, and liquid lipsticks.


10 Minute Makeup Look

In this unusual time marked by social distancing, more Zoom and Skype calls than ever, Facebook Live sessions and live webinars, putting your best face forward is as important as ever! In this makeup tutorial video, Olivia will teach you how to do a makeup application in ten minutes or less to make you stand out in front of the camera. 

She will teach you how to add depth back to our face that your ring light can diminish. And she will teach you to accentuate your best features with very little product and limited time. Lastly, using a ring light, she will show you the difference between warm and cool lighting and how important it is on camera to have a well-lit scene.