Bridal Organic Spray Tanning 

For our brides, we recommend being sprayed the day before your wedding day for optimal results. We have packages available to accommodate you and your bridal party members. Our organic spray tans are a fantastic fit for all skin types and tones. We carry everything from the lightest solution for a delicate glow to a deep dark rich tan. Our solutions are organic and are boosted with vitamins and minerals that specifically work to make the skin appear more youthful!


Our experienced spray tan artists deliver to you a beautifully even spray tan. All we ask is that you shower, exfoliate, shave, and apply no lotion before your session, and we will provide the rest! Our mobile “Spray Salon” is an enclosed pop-up tent that provides privacy and is designed to catch any over-spray.


Single Application: $35

Deep Dark Application: $50

Series of 5: $150

Half Body Spray Tan: $25

Add on Scent: $5

Add on Shimmer Coat: $5