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As the brow experts of Atlanta, the most frequently asked question we hear at Authentic Beauty is, “how do I grow my brows back?” Authentic Beauty’s brow services are the answer. We are the only ‘tweeze only’ brow studio in Atlanta with the world-renowned brow guru, Alyson Howard Hoag, at the helm and her talented team of brow experts who are here to get your brows on a growth cycle and get your natural and authentic brow shape back. Many people also think that their damaged brows cannot be restored. If you don’t learn some simple protocols, chances are they will not. This is why our Brow Rehab process is nationally recognized and why Alyson Howard-Hoag travels the world offering her brow services to clients.

The Process

1. Brow Consult

Have you been waxing for years? Are your brows uneven? Are they recovering from a massacre? During our brow consult, we’ll assess the best course of action for your brow rehab.

2. Brow Rehab

It is possible to regain your natural shape! If your brows have been damaged by waxing or over plucking, there is still hope. We gently nurture your brows back to a beautiful shape that compliments your unique eye shape.

3. Beautiful Brows

You will be empowered and educated to maintain your beautiful, authentic brows at home. But don’t worry, if you ever lose the shape, we’ll be here in the studio to help!

Our Brow Services

Brow Arch

Senior Brow Arch $60

Associate Brow Arch $35+

Our brow gurus achieve nothing less than the perfect brow and arch for you. This is an art form, and we are Atlanta’s brow arch experts. We do not believe in waxing or that “thinner is better.” Let us give you the shape you want and desire with our ‘tweeze only’ method. We hand tweeze and trim the brow hair that is customized to the shape of your face.

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Brow Dye

Price: $20

Have your brows faded away? Or perhaps you changed your hair color, and your brows don’t match your new coloring? Over time, most brow hair loses its pigment. A simple brow dye, also referred to as a brow tint, from Authentic Beauty will work wonders on your brows. During your brow dye appointment, we create a custom dye specifically designed for you and your coloring that matches you perfectly. Our brow dye is gentle on your brow hair, and the result is fuller looking brows!

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Henna Brow Dye

Price: $40.00

A form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness that lasts up to six weeks.

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Brow Lamination

Price: $85

Authentic Beauty’s Brow Lamination service is like a perm for your eyebrows using a chemical treatment to give your brows a fuller and smoother appearance. This noninvasive, semi-permanent brow procedure adjusts the natural brow pattern to give you fuller, fluffier brows for up to 8 weeks. This also means you don’t have to use a brush or any products to keep your brow hairs looking gorgeous.

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