Image Journey

Take an Image Journey & Discover Your Authentic Beauty

Most of us grew up with some concept of how we were supposed to look. Years have gone by and we’re still being told how we should look. Have you ever asked yourself what do I want to look like?

If you are ready for a transformational experience and truly want to learn how to do makeup that finally feels like you, the Image Journey makeup lesson is for you. It goes way beyond how to apply your foundation and eye makeup. It addresses what do I want to look like.

What is an Image Journey? A Self Discovery Makeup Lesson

The Image Journey, a transformational, 90 minute makeup lesson, is Authentic Beauty’s signature makeup service that helps you find and then create an exterior image that is an expression of your inner, Authentic Self.

It’s you authoring your look. We know that sounds almost too simple to be true. But at the end of your Image Journey makeup lesson, we promise you’ll have a look you love-one that lets your Authentic Beauty shine through. What’s more, you’ll have the skills to do it yourself and a pro you can follow up with.

The Image Journey is an experience that allows you to sit back and reflect on how you currently look in the mirror.  It affords you the time to analyze who YOU want to be with professional makeup artists right by your side guiding you and helping you along the way.

Then, your own, personal, makeup artist at Authentic Beauty will show you exactly how to create and then master the looks you love. At the end of your makeup lesson, you will leave with a face chart detailing the process step-by-step so you can recreate your ideal look at home.

This fun and transformational experience also includes a free follow-up session to ensure you can recreate the makeup techniques you learned! We will observe you applying your makeup to ensure that you can do it yourself! We only teach simple and easy techniques that you can absolutely do yourself.

A Makeup Lesson Unlike Any Other

Unlike any other makeup lesson out there, the Image Journey allows you to reflect on what you love, what you resonate with, and how you personally define beauty in regards to makeup. Then, our professionally trained makeup artists help you create and then master a makeup look that you love and that is true to your authentic self.

Why Does it Matter?

Unless you have actually done the work to find out what you really like, you are at the mercy of someone else telling you how you SHOULD look.  There are a lot of talented makeup artists and image consultants out there willing to assist you; however, they are just dressing you up.  You need to develop your own sense of style and then ask the consultants or artists to assist you.  That’s where Authentic Beauty and the Image Journey comes in!

Image Journey Homework

You’ll need to come prepared. There is a short assignment that takes about 30 minutes to complete and involves a few magazines and a pair of scissors or using Pinterest to pin images to that appeal to you. You arrive with your completed homework and all the makeup you currently own as well as your brushes. Your artist will then interpret your collage or Pinterest board, look through all your makeup and tools and then teach you how do to your makeup based on the callings of your Authentic Self.

What’s waiting for you?

A look that is truly your own. One that enhances your natural beauty and reflects your unique style. An Authentic Beauty Image Journey doesn’t try to change you. The Image Journey celebrates you. Together, we make sure the face the world sees is the woman you really are. This fun, transformational, one-of-a-kind makeover experience will leave you loving what you see when you look in the mirror!

Additional Reading about the Image Journey

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Mary Mountford
Mary Mountford
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“Forty-something and a little frumpy.” That was how I felt before my Image Journey. I knew I needed a change. What I didn’t know was how much I needed it! I walked out of my session feeling lighter, fresher and in charge. I’m still forty-something, but I feel great about how I look. It’s possible to look, feel and be current and comfortable at any age.”
Chris Colwell
Chris Colwell
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“My experience with Authentic Beauty has been incredible in several ways, one-I’ve learned what make up really looks good on me,not “made up” looking but very natural and flattering. Two-for the first time in my life I’ve learned to put on eyeshadow that I thought was only possible with a makeup artist. And three-it’s just so much fun!”