Makeup Lessons

Feel confident in your daily makeup routine with a makeup lesson from Authentic Beauty. Our makeup experts take the mystery out of makeup application. They will teach you a fresh new look, and train you, so you leave with the skills you need to achieve that look on your own. 

Perfect for parties, bachelorette events, or a day of pampering just for you, Authentic Beauty’s makeup lessons are a one-of-a-kind experience where you learn how to apply makeup with an expert makeup artist teaching you how to create the look you desire. All our makeup lessons include 90 minutes of play and hands-on fun where you can learn the basics, new skills, or more advanced techniques based on your level of expertise.

Our talented team of makeup artists in Atlanta take the mystery out of makeup application, and you leave with a fresh look and the confidence to recreate your look or day-to-day makeup routine at home on your own. Our makeup artists are extremely skilled at making you look and feel your absolute best.

The Image Journey Lesson

Price: $350

(This session requires a deposit. Once your appointment is booked, we will send you the homework.) 

The Image Journey is an interactive and transformational makeup lesson that affords you the opportunity to discover and learn how to create an exterior image using makeup that is an expression of your inner, Authentic Self.  

This service is a two-hour self-discovery makeup lesson. Prior to your visit, you will have simple homework to complete and bring with you to your session that includes exploring pictures and images from magazines and online of looks that you love. Then, you will pin those images to your own Pinterest board or paste them to your vision board. You will also bring all your own makeup and brushes with you so your artist can evaluate what you already own and utilize those tools to create your unique look. 

Then, your makeup artist will show you exactly how to create and then master the looks you love. At the end of your session, you will leave with a face chart detailing the process step-by-step so you can recreate these makeup looks confidently on your own.  This fun and transformational experience also includes a follow up session to ensure you can do it yourself!

Meet the brow guru of Atlanta and owner of Authentic Beauty, Alyson Howard-Hoag

The Image Journey Lesson Continued

Price: $100

If you’ve already had an Image Journey and are ready to explore what’s next, this service is for you. Culling through images past and present, creating a new image board on Pinterest or in a journal with a look that is currently true to you, your personal makeup artist will show you how to create and then master a new look that you want to create.

Seasonal Looks Lesson

Price: from $65

A makeup lesson where you can learn Authentic Beauty’s on trend looks and how to translate and apply those to suit your personal style and taste. We create Spring and Fall makeup looks for women each and every season that are inspired by each season’s trends  yet they are wearable, realistic, and gorgeous using safe, organic and non toxic products. And your makeup artist will teach you how to create and then master the look on your own! 

Signature Looks Lesson

Price: from $65

Choose from one of these timeless, and classic makeup looks: Pretty in Peach, Go Nude, All that Glitters, Vintage Vixen, Bronze Goddess, Where There’s Smoke

Smoky Eyes Lesson

Price: $65

Everyone wants to know how to create and master the perfect smoky eye! Want to look like a rock star, a bronze goddess, or a starlet on the red carpet? Whoever you are, our makeup artists will help you create and master the most gorgeous eyes on earth…Yours! Get perfectly sexy smoldering eyes that sizzle! 

Makeup 101 Lesson

Price: $200 with Aly & Master Level is $150


This back-to-basics makeup lesson will make putting your makeup on simple and easy. Our makeup experts will teach you how to do your makeup in minutes. Bring what you own or ask for product advice. 

Teen Makeup 101 Lesson: Beauty Survival Tips for Teens

Price: $75

From beauty tips, makeup applications, skincare, and brows, our makeup artists will show your teen how to put their best face forward. Your teens will acquire the confidence they need to apply makeup easily and naturally. All lessons begin by teaching proper skin care as the ideal foundation.

A Makeup Makeover Lesson

Price: $75

Are you or do you know someone who is stuck in the makeup past? People know exactly how old you are by the way you wear your makeup. If you haven’t updated your makeup in the last 4 years, it is time to modernize. There are new techniques, technologies and application styles to learn so you don’t age yourself.  

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