The Image Journey Lesson: Starting at $150

(This session requires a deposit. Once your appointment is booked we will send you the homework.)  

The Image Journey is an interactive and transformational makeup lesson that affords you the opportunity to discover and learn how to create an exterior image using makeup that is an expression of your inner, Authentic Self.  

This service is a two-hour self-discovery makeup lesson that includes a follow up to make sure you can do it yourself. You will have simple homework to complete and bring with you to your session that includes exploring pictures and images from magazines and online of looks that you love. Then, you will pin those images to your own Pinterest board or paste them on poster board. You will also bring all of your own makeup and brushes to your session so your artist can evaluate what you already own and utilize those tools to create your unique look. 

Then, your makeup artist will show you exactly how to create and then master the looks you love. At the end of your session, you will leave with a face chart detailing the process step-by-step so you can recreate these makeups looks confidently on your own.  This fun and transformational experience also includes a follow up session to ensure you can do it yourself!