($100 deposit, $400 first session, $200 required follow up session)

For women who have thinning, sparse, light colored or overly plucked eyebrows, we have the perfect solution! Microblading is a relatively new semi permanent process that inserts pigment into only the top layer of your skin. Unlike old school eyebrow tattoos, which used machines to permanently embed ink deep into the skin, microblading uses a handheld tool that can last up to three years (touchups as needed are $75 per session). Whether you’re tired of drawing in a full set of brows, or just want a bit more definition to your existing brows, microblading is very natural looking thanks to more control over the stroke, clean crisp lines and custom-blended pigment to match your natural hair color. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Authentic Beauty microblading services, please read more on our microblading blog post or call the Studio at 404.849.0443 to speak with our microblading expert, Sarah.