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  • Roller Brow Dynamic Infusion Derma Roller with Brow Enhancing Serum
  • Roller Brow Defining Pen
  • Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner

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Genuist Beauty's Roller Brow

Roller Brow Dynamic Infusion Derma Roller with Brow Enhancing Serum

What is the Roller Brow? 

The Roller Brow is an all-in-one dynamic infusion derma roller infused with a powerful brow enhancing serum. It combines the power of micro needling with an effective, brow enhancing serum made with natural ingredients that stimulates the brow hair cycle. With routine use (three to four times a week), the Roller Brow addresses brow hair damage through this groundbreaking brow microneedling tool and serum in one.

The Roller Brow’s innovative design allows for the serum to come through the roller’s fine needles as you glide it over your brows. The brow serum inside is made with all-natural ingredients and is powered with a high percentage of Capixyl that is derived from red clover extract and acetyl tetrapeptide-3, a biometric peptide, which is known to strengthen, lengthen and stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth.

The Effects of Microneedling with this Special Delivery System

It is already well documented that microneedling can regenerate your skin and stimulate the production of healthy skin cells. In general, a microneedling tool has fine, sterilized needles attached to it that makes small punctures in the skin that encourages the body to produce collagen to heal the skin, thus beginning a cycle of healing in areas that seemed dormant or immune to healing. It may also allow the skin to absorb products easier and deeper into the layers of the skin, causing a fast turnaround of improvement. The needles found on the Roller Brow are painless and unnoticeable when rolling it onto the brow area.

As if microneedling isn’t amazing enough, we have paired it with a brow serum that has been in the making for two years. Our CEO and resident Brow Expert, Alyson Howard-Hoag, has formulated a unique brow serum that stimulates the hair follicles to promote the appearance of fuller brows. Both of these paired into one system gives the user a double power-house effect of an effective brow treatment. Check out this client’s AMAZING results after using the Roller Brow here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0_r4R6aI-g

Watch how to use your Roller Brow Dynamic Infusion Derma Roller with Brow Enhancing Serum here:

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Roller Brow Defining Pen 

What is the Roller Brow Defining Pen?

Genuist Beauty’s Roller Brow Defining Pen has an innovative, ceramic ball tip that delivers a natural brow stain, and fills in gaps and imbalances in the brow area with ease. This easy to use and easy to apply brow pen delivers gorgeous brow fill color to the areas of the brow that need it the most. The Roller Brow Defining Pen is for anyone who needs an easy, quick, lightly pigmented, long-lasting, and waterproof brow stain color that fills in brow gaps in an instant. 

Like a ballpoint pen, the Roller Brow Defining Pen deposits liquid brow color that is precise. Most brow pens, pencils, eyebrow pomades, and powders leave harsh, stark lines and can look severe and unnatural. With the Roller Brow Defining Pen, the color is deposited onto your brows and can easily be blended with the attached spoolie brush. The brows will look natural and the product doesn’t wipe off when you blend it.

What Colors Does It Come In

The Roller Brow Defining Pen also comes with a built-in spoolie brush so that you can easily blend your brow fill color into your eyebrows to achieve natural-looking eyebrows with 4 color options to choose from. The brow fill colors come in 4 fabulous shades including taupe, warm medium brown, a neutral dark brown, and a cool black brown. Most blondes will use taupe that has a sheer wash of neutral blond that is lightly pigmented.

How to use the Roller Brow Defining Pen:

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Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner

What is the Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen?

This blendable eyeliner pen produces a clean, slim line to the lash line with superior precision, perfect for creating fine, natural definition without a thick line. The formula is water, sweat, and sebum-proof with no smudging, and comes with a 6 mm brush. The brush is the width of an eyelash making it 20 times slimmer than a regular 10 mm eyeliner brush. With a firm and flexible brush that does not separate, it is easy to control, and enables deep coloring with carbon black dispersion stabilization. 

The Tiny Liner eyeliner pen is a liquid eyeliner with superior workability that allows you to blend out this eyeliner with ease. No other liquid liner on the market can say that they blend with ease and set within 5 seconds of depositing. 

Who the Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen is for

This is the perfect eyeliner pen for anyone looking for easy to use and easy to apply eyeliner and for anyone with hooded eyes, more mature eyes, eyes with looser skin and for smaller eyes. This liner sets quickly, so there is no eyeliner transfer to the top lid. Choose to blend it out for a natural, smokey definition or keep the liner defined without blending.

How to use the Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen:

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