Authentic Beauty Makeup

PROFACES® is the makeup of choice for Authentic Beauty. PROFACES has worked with professional makeup artists, dermatologists and estheticians to bring you the finest quality cosmetics, skin care and accessories from all over the world. As an independent manufacturer of makeup, cosmetics and skin care, PROFACES offers a pallet of colors for all skin types and color tones. PROFACES makeup and cosmetics are for the beauty conscious woman who wants professional quality. We offer custom blended foundation and customizeable color compacts.
“I know sending me stuff is risky for any cosmetics company because they can never be sure of my review, and a negative review is something most companies won’t risk. PROFACES decided to take that risk and it is greatly appreciated. In terms of quality, their products are definitely up there with the best of them. The eye shadows and blushes are silky-soft, with smooth even coverage, and the shades are beautifully neutral and matte.”

– Paula Begoun, “The Cosmetic Cop”
Author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetic Counter without Me”

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About the Products We Use
We only use the highest quality professional products that give optimum performance and help us achieve the look you desire. We believe in complete custom ability. We customize your foundation, eye shadow palettes and if need be, lipstick! We are committed to using products and packaging that are environmentally friendly, toxin free, cruelty free, long lasting, non-irritating, and easy to apply. We believe that mineral-oil free cosmetics are the key to protecting the environment and keeping you beautiful, and healthy.
Authentic Beauty strives to provide its consumers with the best cosmetics and consumer products in the industry, while ensuring that they are environmentally friendly. As our company and our products evolve we will continue to research and partner with suppliers and manufacturers who align with our standards for environmental awareness including:

mineral oil-free cosmetics
All of the Authentic Beauty products are free of mineral oil, which is known to be a human carcinogen. This petroleum-based ingredient coats the skin with a film that deprives it of oxygen and traps in toxins and waste. It is a non-renewable, non-sustainable resource which is made by oil companies such as Penzoil and Amoco.

Authentic Beauty cosmetics do contain preservatives in order to give our consumers the longest shelf-life possible. However we are proud to announce that we are paraben free!

environmentally friendly packaging
Authentic Beauty has created a line of packaging made up primarily of cardboard, as it is an easily recyclable and biodegradable substance. Plastic, the widely used alternative in cosmetics, biodegrades very slowly and accounts for 25% of the waste found in our landfills.

and the launch of the 3 in 1 Magic Foundation