Project Authentic Beauty

“After 20 years as a makeup artist, I know women are constant self-critics—seeing ugly bags instead of sparkling eyes, laugh lines instead of a bright smile. No amount of makeup hides the violence of self-rejection,” said Hoag. “At Authentic Beauty, we believe every woman is beautiful.”
The mission of Project Authentic Beauty:

to empower all women and girls to feel beautiful from the inside out.

Authentic Beauty joined forces with the Chelko Foundation to create Project Authentic Beauty. The Chelko Foundation’s mission is to empower all women through art, education and partnership to create better lives for themselves and their children.  According to Paul Chelko, the founder, “…until women are free, no one is free…”

Project Authentic Beauty has built a curriculum for Inner Beauty, founded by licensed counselor Alison Cross, devoted to teaching women and girls to love themselves from the inside, out.  Until women make peace with the mirror, love what they see and refuse to accept the unrealistic standard of beauty that pervades our society, we will continue to perpetuate the current statistic that only 2% of all women think they are beautiful.

Watch this Video of Alison Cross

At Authentic Beauty we believe ALL women are beautiful. We transform the beauty industry by:

  • Being a service based makeup company
  • By using makeup that is safe for you and the environment
  • By using marketing practices that honor and respect women
  • By providing both makeup and educational services to the greater community to support ALL women in embracing their Authentic Beauty
  • Inner Beauty Curriculum: To find out current schedule information: email [email protected]


Authentic Beauty (Ages 8-18): teaches each girl that inner beauty is the most important key to expressing her authentic self.

Authentic Awareness (Ages 8-18): educates girls to look beyond the images they see in media and instead see a diversity of beauty.

Authentic Expression (Ages 13-18): empowers girls to discover their unique beauty through the empowering experience of an image journey with an Authentic Beauty makeup artist.


Authentic Health (Ages 8-18): expresses the importance of physical health & nutritional well being.

Authentic Voice (Ages 8-18):  teaches girls the importance of speaking up for themselves to protect their self-esteem, their body image, and to use their youth voice.


  • The Congo Teach-In (dates TBD) will educate the Atlanta community about the current situation in the DRC where women are bearing the brunt of the vicious war in the region.  Click HERE for more information
  • Simple Abundance Workshop, led by CEO and Project Authentic Beauty Co-Founder, Alyson Hoag

Based on the book Simple Abundance by author Sarah Ban Breathnach, this workshop examines the six principals of Simple Abundance and the power they have in one’s life: Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty and Joy. Sarah has been seen on Oprah several times and Oprah says she is the woman that taught her the importance of gratitude.  Alyson was one of the first leaders certified by the author herself. To discover more about Sarah and Simple Abundance visit

Please watch this video from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign