Taking the Mystery out of Make-up Application

Taking the Mystery out of Make-up Application

So let me get this straight just so everyone knows. Make-up application does not have to be hard. It’s not some complicated, mystical thing that only make-up artists can do. You can do it too! You really can. But without selling make-up artists short, we are great for teaching customers how to create particular looks, shaping brows, doing make-up for special occasions and the like. But I am here to tell you that YOU have to author you own look. Don’t be a slave to trends. Learn what works for you & how to wear everyday make-up (another reason make-up artists exist to show you how to create a natural look). This is the lowdown dear readers-the beauty industry basically gets you to buy stuff you don’t need. They create trends that last a short time & make you think you need to buy products you don’t need or won’t use. The bright green eye shadow from 2006, the hot pink lip gloss from 1997, you know the drill.

Take primers for example-Laura Mercier markets the crap out of hers & well, her marketing apparently works because Laura Mercier is a huge make-up company, earning a lot of money. But look, here’s why the primers work with Laura Mercier foundation. The foundation has no coverage. Therefore, if you put a foundation on that has no coverage, you need a primer to smooth & create a canvas. So it’s a catch 22; you can’t use one without the other. The primer makes the foundation look good & vice-versa. Yes you may agree, but you’re thinking so what, I just will buy another type of foundation that gives more coverage. But here’s the point. Like I said, the beauty industry creates a perceived need in the primer, BUT if you took care of your skin, you wouldn’t need the primer regardless. Oh and FYI, if you wear foundation, whether you need it or not, make sure it gives you coverage because that’s why you buy it. Otherwise just go barefaced & be done with it. See what I’m saying?

I know tons and tons of women, such as my own sister, ahem, who have a huge case full of make-up they don’t use or don’t need. And I know a lot more women who don’t even have the time to be make-up junkies. They need to get it & go. They need quick, easy & simple looks. I can relate. That is why Authentic Beauty exists. Well one of the main reasons anyway. What is missing in the cosmetic & beauty industry is that everyday factor, how to craft an easy, natural, everyday look that is fresh & beautiful. This is why I love the Dove Truth in Beauty campaign. And again that’s why Authentic Beauty exists. We are trained make-up artists. We show our clients how to author their own look, how to sift through all the trends & make them work for you, if you want. But above all, we show you how to make make-up work for you. Most of us have worked for at least a few cosmetics lines & we know the techniques of pretty much every line, so we are not pushing any kind of brand. That is a huge part of the Image Journey we offer. Each client can bring in all their make-up & we show them what works & what doesn’t & why. We don’t set rules or boundaries. So after we help you create your look, when you look in the mirror, you will recognize yourself not the make-up.

Here are a few guidelines we suggest you follow-ie-Alyisms:

  • Never buy make-up you don’t see  for yourself in natural light
  • Apply make-up in the light you’ll be seen in (if you work in florescent light apply your makeup in that same light)
  • Following the above guideline-wear make-up appropriate to your environment-If wearing a trendy dress, stick with trendy make-up, if wearing casual clothes or work clothes, stick with natural make-up & so on & so worth
  • Make sure your foundation looks very natural (we suggest a Kabuki brush to apply- (http://www.myimagejourney.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=600_602&products_id=1100084)
  • Spend 70% of your time on your skin regimen & applying skincare products, and 30% of your time on applying make-up
  • Make sure your eyebrows are clean & shaped (Groomed brows balance the face & make you look more together and ultimately more youthful)
  • Following along the same lines of not going to the grocery store hungry, don’t go to the mall feeling bad about yourself because you’ll fall prey to the cosmetics counter sales people trying to sell you things you don’t need
  • Use a Clarsonic (there will be more on this under my skin blog, but everyone should own one, it’s not one of Oprah’s favorite things for nothing)

But bottom line-it’s not our philosophy to tell people how they should look. It’s our job to help our customers realize they are all beautiful. There are no bad color choices, only bad techniques, and technique is a learnable skill.

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