15 Years of Authentic Beauty: A Special Thank You from Alyson Hoag

Authentic Beauty in Atlanta winner of best brows Atlanta and best makeup artist celebrates 15 years of clean beauty products and services in Atlanta

Fifteen years ago, the doors to Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio opened. It was my vision to create a safe place for women to learn how to do their makeup and to have a beautiful place to get brow and beauty services in Atlanta.

Filling a Gap in the Industry

After 20+ years as a makeup artist, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a studio that provided makeup services for real women. Nearly all the beauty brands at that time sold products but didn’t help you discover your own beauty. Sadly, this is still true, and they still don’t ask the most important question: “Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror, and is your reflection an expression of your Authentic Self?”

A Place to Discover Authentic Beauty

I wanted Authentic Beauty to be that place that not only asked those questions but provided honest, authentic answers, ensuring that at any age, whether you are 8 or 80, you would love the reflection staring back at you, recognize yourself, and love yourself in the process.

Taking the Leap

But truth be told, I was so afraid to take that initial leap. I was newly married, had a 13-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, and zero business background except for being self-employed. But I still knew I had to do it and create that safe space for women to evolve their image over time. I knew I was resourceful enough and that business was a learnable skill. I also knew it was my soul’s purpose. Plus, if I didn’t do it, I would be left always wondering “what if,” and I knew that this was something bigger than me. This studio could be my gift to the world, and I opened my salon doors because I had a mission.

Learning the Right Questions

After a career of watching the sadness in women who never felt like they were enough or never felt beautiful when all I could see was their amazingness, I realized we often ask the wrong questions. Through her mentorship and books, author Sarah Ban Breathnach gave me a new lens with which to view beauty. She said if the goal of our lives is to have our life be a reflection of our authentic selves, then we need that same viewpoint with our appearance. Said another way, if the goal of our life is to have our life be an expression of our authentic selves, then what do we look like in our authentic life? This is a much better question to ask ourselves.

Alyson Hoag of the award winning Authentic Beauty in Atlanta at the 15th anniversary party of bringing clean and healthy beauty services to Atlanta

An Evolving Journey

The great news is that there is no one answer to that question, yet there are answers we get to discover and participate with. Our beauty, internal and external, is an evolving journey, and that is what my salon, Authentic Beauty, is all about.

The Importance of Brows

The brows part of the journey happened as a result of understanding that no matter how you choose to wear or not wear your makeup, if the brows don’t frame your eyes properly, you don’t show up. It is a subtle or not-so-subtle difference that I understood as a young makeup artist.

best brows Atlanta with the brow guru Alyson Hoag at Authentic Beauty

Becoming the Brow Guru

I never set out to be a brow guru; however, I discovered early on in my career that people who were trained to remove hair did not understand the importance of balance and the brows. As I perfected my craft as a brow artist and gained a reputation for being the brow protector and rescuer of lost brows, I was and still am perplexed by the brow casualties I see day after day.

On a Mission to Inspire

I opened Authentic Beauty on a wing and a prayer. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I was on a mission to serve and to inspire, so that you could have a moment to love yourself. When you look in the mirror and smile, and sometimes cry with tears of joy, that inspires me to keep going. To know that I have helped just one person feel beautiful brings me life, and after 15 years and thousands of clients later, I know a fulfillment I never thought possible.

Thank You for 15 Amazing Years of Authentic Beauty

Authentic Beauty would not have been possible without the trust and love you have shown me throughout the years. I have been there through life with many of you and you have been with me. I don’t think of you as just customers or clients. You are my friends, and it is a privilege to care for you.

Celebrating Our Anniversary

On Saturday night, Authentic Beauty celebrated our 15-year anniversary, and there were so many people in attendance that we filled up every room. Staff, clients, friends, the makeup community, industry mavens, and my entrepreneur friends walked on that pink carpet and celebrated with me.

Looking Forward with Genuist Beauty

It is this love that fills me and gives me the courage to get to the next level with Genuist Beauty. I would never have been able to conceive of or launch this brand and our amazing brow products if it wasn’t for knowing that you have my back!

Genuist Beauty's total brow care system

Gratitude and Future Plans

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Stay tuned as we continue to bring this mission to the world with Genuist Beauty. There is no way I would or could do it without all of you.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

A special thanks to our amazing sponsors: Dr. Brothers from the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, Meg Reggie of MR-PR, CellarFiller, 360 Photo Booth, Alchemy Med Spa, and Boxed Bites 2 Go. And an extra special thank you to my husband Charlton Hoag, my amazing parents and kids, and my incredible staff.

Summer Soiree at Authentic Beauty
Upcoming Event: Summer Soiree Sales Bash

Missed the Anniversary party? Join us this Thursday, June 6th, from 11 am to 7 pm for our Summer Soiree Sales Bash! Secure serious savings on Authentic Beauty’s clean beauty products, award-winning brow, makeup, and beauty services, plus Genuist Beauty’s game-changing brow products. 

Clean Makeup Atlanta Summer Specials at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta

Shop for a Cause: 

A portion of the proceeds from the Summer Soiree will be donated to CURE Childhood Cancer, a nonprofit dedicated to ending childhood cancer and helping every child reach their full potential. You can also donate here or use the QR code to donate to this amazing organization near and dear to our hearts at Authentic Beauty.

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