Authentic Beauty partnership with Skin Aesthetics Med Spa & Laser Center

Authentic Beauty partnership with Skin Aesthetics Med Spa & Laser Center

With the growth & expansion of Authentic Beauty comes some incredible partnerships. One such relationship we have created is with Skin Aesthetics Med Spa & Laser Center in Buckhead. Our fabulous artist-Susan Muscari-will be doing Image Journeys at Skin Aesthetics this summer.

I recently got a chemical peel there to check out their services & they are amazing. I was concerned with hyperpigmentation (lots of freckles) and oiliness & Skin Aesthetics carries several chemical peels to address all kinds of clients’ concerns. They told me that age spots, sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation are always darkest at the surface. The deep exfoliation provided by the chemical peel is intended to make my hyperpigmentation appear lighter. This issue has plagued me for a while, so I was really excited to address these issues. To reduce my oiliness, they chose a peel that would clear up my pores; this helps bring back elasticity to the skin making my pores appear smaller.

Skin Aethetics’ chemical peel service is quick and easy! The treatment period is between about 20 to 30 minutes. The aesthetician first cleansed my skin thoroughly because oils, lotions and make-up create a barrier and therefore need to be removed, so the peel can get deep down in the skin. After the through cleansing, the chemical peel was applied. I felt a stinging, tingling feeling when it was applied, but that calmed down after a few minutes. However, my skin was still red after a few hours. When the peel is rinsed off, serums were applied to cut down on my oiliness as well as lightly moisturize. Lastly, they applied moisturizer with SPF. The cost of the treatment is $75.

Following a chemical peel, I was told to avoid sun exposure, exercise because it causes sweating, swimming, and applying make-up for the remainder of the day. Over the next week they told me that my skin may feel dry and begin to flake off. The final result is usually a week after the service of smoother, clearer skin. For an instant glow, one chemical peel may be all that is needed. I am thinking about getting a series because of my skin issues like the fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dehydration I have been experiencing. Also if someone has adult acne, they might need several treatments.

I reached out to this fantastic place to work together because I know that great skin makes for a great make-up application. Remember 70% skincare equals only 30% make-up application! So naturally, it was a complete no brainer to team up with Skin Aesthetics, so we could provide the ultimate experience. Skin Aesthetics is going to start doing Image Journeys soon, but we have not nailed down a definitive date yet, so stay tuned & join Skin Aesthetics email list to be the first to hear about Image Journey dates, service and product promotions, and events by emailing [email protected]! Have a great weekend & come see me!

Stay Tuned for Before and After pictures!!!!  I will show you the results in 60 days!!!!

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