Authentic Beauty’s Fall Makeup Collection: Autumn Beauty

The Fashion Outlook for 2015

The fall 2015 fashion forecast was as varied as a patchwork quilt and patchwork fabrics were a huge hit at Tory Burch and Erdem. Velvets and plaids entered the building once more and it was 50 shades of gray with Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Hermes. Ruffled collars, and Victorian lace invaded the runways of Valentino and Givenchy. And it was razzle dazzle at Nina Ricci replete with shimmery sequins that made a real statement.

The Makeup Forecast

As for makeup, rich berry and dark vampire hues lingered on lips. Cheeks were pretty with wind swept, flushed tones. The eyes shimmered with metal shadows and bold lashes and defined brows were huge. But perhaps our favorite trend is the new spin on the no makeup look. Are you ready for harvest radiance? Think Marilyn Monroe on the beach with just a little makeup.

Autumn Beauty: Authentic Beauty’s Fall 2015 Makeup Collection

A big thank you to Jamila Lisbon, photographer and owner of Benjamin and Grace Photography, for creating the incredible images of our Fall makeup campaign.  To see more of her work click here.

This Fall, Authentic Beauty created three seasonal makeup looks that are stunning, fashionable and most importantly wearable and inspired by fashion trends.


Burgundy Brilliance features rich, ripe, beautiful berry lips, pink cheeks and defined brows. (Optional look. Rosie, who creates many of Authentic Beauty’s custom made lipsticks and lip glosses, also created a black cherry lip color and a black lipstick for those clients that decide to rock a vampire lip this season.) 


Harvest Radiance is a spin on the no makeup look with pretty weather flushed cheeks, and a high shine pout with a bronze lip gloss made right at Authentic Beauty. 


Stormy Elegance features a gorgeous, gray, smokey eye, bold lashes, stunning brows and a nude lip that will leave you looking beautiful, seductive and alluring. (This look easily segues into a night life look with shimmering eyeshadow and bolder brows and lashes.)  

Makeup artistry by Stephanie Simmons, Rosie Gillespie, and Sarah Ann Powell. Hair by Erik Satterfield and Rosie Gillespie. Graphic design by Julie Argo Young.  Writing and fashion/makeup prognosticating by Shannon Alderman. Photography by Jamila Lisbon, photographer and owner of Benjamin and Grace Photography.

Try On One Of These Seasonal Makeup Looks For Free At Our Champagne & Shadows Event on Friday, October 16th from 6-9 p.m.


Visit our website, call Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon and Hair Studio at 404-849-0443 for an appointment or come see us at the studio located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. You can also book your appointment online here or email us at [email protected].

About Authentic Beauty’s Seasonal Looks:

Ready to explore the season’s most beautiful makeup? We translate fashion forward trends and make them wearable for you. Prêt-à-Porter! Because Authentic Beauty was created to challenge the beauty industry, and to put a stop to unhealthy, unrealistic and often damaging standards and pressure thrust upon women to look a certain way, we create Spring and Fall makeup looks for women each and every season that are inspired by each season’s trends yet they are wearable, realistic, and gorgeous using safe, organic and non toxic products.

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