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The weather outside has been frightful and your winter skin may not be so delightful, but there’s no point hibernating by the fire when you can head to the Authentic Beauty studio and enjoy a custom facial made just for dry or mature skin.

The Nourish and Nurture facial is ideal for winter skin because it calms and quenches dehydrated skin with the intense hydration of Organic Spa products, steam towels and the added benefit of rose hips. The result? You’ll head back out into the Atlanta arctic with replenished moisture and amazing luminosity even in the face of sub-freezing temps. There’s even a heated blanket thrown into the mix, so you’ll stay extra cozy during your treatment.

Our supremely moisturizing Nourish and Nurture facial begins with two cleanses. The first cleanse uses our Organic Spa Cream Cleanser to emulsify impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling oh so nourished. It’s packed with amazing ingredients, including aloe vera, oak bark, orange oil and chamomile extract, so it’s great for dry or mature skin.

The second cleanse uses our Organic Spa Foam Cleanser to purify and refresh your skin, removing residual dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities while naturally balancing your complexion with aloe, yucca extract, witch hazel, lemon myrtle oil and grapefruit.

Once your skin is squeaky clean, it’s time to remove those dead skin cells and brighten your complexion with our Organic Spa Face Exfoliant featuring black walnut shell and sea loofah granules. This gentle exfoliation invigorates, polishes and revitalizes your skin as it stimulates circulation and reveals that smoother warm weather skin you knew was just hiding below the surface. This step is also ideal to work out those pesky breakouts before they can take hold.

Now that your skin is cleansed and exfoliated, you’ll enjoy our calming toner made of rose flower oil, cucumber, witch hazel, thyme and grapefruit. Not only does it smell like the beach (and who wouldn’t want to be there during January in Atlanta), it also acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory to soothe, hydrate and tone your skin.

It’s highly likely you’ll be melting into the table by this point in the Nourish and Nurture facial, but try to stay awake because the best is yet to come– two applications of our intensely hydrating Cream Mask infused with an extra dose of rose hip oil. This treatment mask aids in reducing redness, replenishing lost moisture and recovering the most radiant version of you. While the Cream Mask is doing its work, you’ll enjoy a warm steam towel and light face massage.

Now that the top layer of skin is more open to receiving additional product thanks to the steam towel and massage, a second application of the Cream Mask and rose hip is applied as an extra measure that really boosts your skin up to optimal hydration. As the mask’s cocoa seed butter, shea, ribwort extract and papaya sink deep within your skin, get ready for another warm steam towel, as well as a hand and arm massage using our invigorating citrus body oil.

Once another application of toner misted onto your skin, a selection of customized finishing products rounds out your Nourish and Nurture facial. Some of the most common for dry or mature skin include Our Organic Spa Wrinkle Defense, Intense Moisture with additional rose hip oil and Eye Balm.

Our super anti-oxidant Wrinkle Defense is an intense moisturizer (infused with rose hip oil) that revitalizes the appearance of dry, tired or mature skin while nurturing natural collagen synthesis, elastin production and cell renewal.

Intense Moisture (also with additional rose hip oil) protects the skin from aging and manages to add yet another layer of hydration and vitality.

Our spectacular Eye Balm deeply penetrates the delicate area around your eyes to  smooth, firm and repair that part of your face that most shows signs of aging– especially in cold weather. Its main ingredient is a signature Eyebright Extract that will have you leaving Authentic Beauty not only supremely hydrated but looking like the very best version of you.

All in all, you can’t get much better for a winter weather respite than our Nourish and Nurture Facial for dry or mature skin.

Book your Nourish and Nurture facial here today.

You can also call the Studio to ask about facial packages to take you all the way through winter and beyond!


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