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The concept of the Authentic Beauty of the Week is to feature one awesome client each week, tell her story and share her beauty story.


Marketa has been my client since 1996. We met at Joseph & Friends Salon and Spa where I was a makeup artist for seven years. She quickly became my friend as well as my client at Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio, and I have been around to watch her two beautiful daughters grow up and even received helpful business advice from her husband.  Marketa and her family moved to Columbus, Ohio nine years ago. Fortunately, we have managed to stay in touch and I figured out how to give her makeup recommendations and tips from afar.

“I’ve known Alyson since I was pregnant with my first child, so almost 18 years, and then we moved, but all these years later, all of my makeup comes from her because of the experiences I’ve had at Authentic Beauty. She even will Skype with me, analyze my makeup Pinterest board to learn my inspirations and even talk to me by phone to help me,” Marketa said.

Last week, she was traveling to Tennessee and she decided to make a trip to Atlanta. While she was here, she needed to  get some new makeup as she heads back into the workforce after dedicating her life to being a full time mother. She needed to make some mild tweaks to her image, makeup and makeup routine as she segues back into the interior design world.

Makeup Inspirations on Pinterest
Marketa’s Makeup Inspirations on Pinterest

What makes working with Marketa so fun is that because I have known her for so long I am able to easily assist her with updating her look. We have been able to work inside of Pinterest where she has a makeup board where she pins images that she is drawn to. I evaluate those looks and take inventory of her makeup collection. Then, we take the time to play to figure out the easiest route to creating the makeup look she desires.

In the past, Marketa has worn a pale, nude lip with a little eye makeup which fit her  lifestyle as a full-time mother.


As she segues back into the professional world of interior design, the look Marketa was drawn to this time involved a bold lip and a clean eye. So, we designed a professional image that includes being a bit more stylish with a lined eye, clean skin, defined brows, soft cheeks and a bold lip.


The first two images featured on her Pinterest board feature two nude lips: a warm peachy nude and a pinky brown. Those are her go to lip colors. The other three are her bold lips including a beautiful orange, a true red and a pinky red. Rosie was able to look at those pictures and craft and create the perfect custom lip colors for her right at the studio called Desmudo, Cocoa Beach, True Red, and Long Wear Orange Crème.


As she segues back into the interior design world, Marketa wanted more stylish and professional makeup to reflect her new role and life path.
  • We updated her skin tone color by adding a touch of medium beige to her pale beige for the summer
  • We added a nice bronzer to her cheek to keep the blush from looking too pink by using a mineral powder in warm honey.
  • We used some of her existing color shadows and added some white eyeshadow to open her eyes and brighten them up. A tip: Wherever you place light. it will brighten and create the illusion of lift. Wherever you place dark, it will add definition and create the appearance of receding.
  • Then, we played and created a defined brow and added a little more of our Magic 3 in 1 Foundation to create a beautiful canvas.


When wearing a bold lip color, it is important to take the time to apply it correctly. Since the rest of the look is quite simple, use the extra few minutes to layer your lipstick or gloss to maintain the look all day. Marketa loved this tip so much so that she texted me from an event she was at saying the lip color didn’t even come off on her wine glass! “I was always afraid to pick brighter or bolder lipsticks but Alyson showed me how to wear a bolder lip coupled with a more neutral eye,” Marketa said.  


  • Start with a Lip Stain. Apply it evenly all over the lip and allow it to dry. We used garnet for her bold lips and raisin for the nude colors.
  • Next, apply lip pencil. Start with outlining the lip and then fill it in. Take a tissue and blot and repeat.
  • Apply the lipcolor with a lip brush. Be sure to warm up that lip color before you apply it so you can saturate the lip easily. Blot with a tissue and repeat if necessary.


Marketa with her new makeup look with Alyson.
Marketa with her new makeup look with Alyson.


“I think this makeup is going to look great with my new career. With interior design, you have to look polished and professional. Aly explained everything so well so that I can create the makeup I desire and that will work perfectly and help me look even better at work,” Marketa said. “The makeup is simple and doable. After this makeover experience with Alyson and every time I see her, she makes me feel very welcomed and beautiful.”  


The beauty of this is that I am blessed to have created a relationship with Marketa throughout the years and that when she is ready to make a change she trusts me to do it even all the way from Ohio!  No matter where you are, in Atlanta or if you’ve moved away, Authentic Beauty is here to assist you with all your beauty needs and it is my passion to help all of my clients LOVE what they see when they look in the mirror.

 Is your image in need of a mild tweak? Authentic Beauty Salon & Studio in Atlanta is here to help you with all your beauty needs from makeup and beauty services to incredible organic and vegan products. We are located at 4674 Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342. Give us a call at 404.849.0443 or schedule your appointment online here

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