Crazy for Carnelian

Crazy for Carnelian

Regardless of the season, there is one makeup look that we see time and time again at Fashion Week: monochromatic makeup. The appeal of a minimalist, monochromatic makeup look, for designers, is that the focus is kept on the fashion. The appeal of a monochromatic makeup look for all you Authentic Beauties out there is that it keeps the focus on your features rather than your makeup; it is both wearable and timeless; it warms the face and softens facial features; and can be easily transitioned from day to evening wear.

This season, the monochromatic makeup look is being done widely in shades of peach. Peachy lids, cheeks, and lips, when worn together create a very fresh, youthful glow. Not only does a look like this keep the focus on your fashion choices (perfect to pair with the more bold patterns and textures being shown this season), but choosing colors that are already present in the skin tone allows your beautiful features to take center stage.Peachy makeup is almost universally flattering, but especially lovely on blue-eyed beauties. The warmth of  peachy shadow creates an amazing contrast against blue eyes. If peach is not a color that speaks to your authentic self, try using neutral shades of taupe for the eyes, cheeks, and lips alike.

Designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Chloe, Matthew Williamson, Giambattista Valli, YSL, Balmain, Prada, and Issac Mizrahi all showed their own versions of monochromatic makeup looks during Fall Fashion Week 2011.
Mizrahi cited 1990’s supermodels as inspiration for the “creme caramel” lip color shown on the runway during his Fall ’11 show.
While this particular color choice is very 1990’s inspired, there is also an element of 1980’s color blocking going on. Blocked color is another huge trend we have seen for the past season or two- this trend is more obviously seen on the runways, with bold color choices shown in blocks.

Want to try the peachy monochromatic look at home?

Begin with foundation to even out your skin tone. Fill in your brows with your perfect shade of Wonderbrow to frame the eyes. Next, press Sandalwood ($15) onto the lids with a Chisel Deluxe Fluff ($12.50) shadow brush. Using a tapered crease brush, contour the crease of the eye with Foxy ($15), and highlight the brow bone with Barely Peach ($15). To really brighten up your eyes, line your waterlines with a White pencil ($13) and add tons of black mascara.  Smile and apply Foxy ($15) to the apples of your cheeks. Line lips softly with a Ginger pencil ($13) and top with Get Lippy! Peach gloss ($23) or Bellisimo ($16.50) to add a touch of warm gold shimmer.

Having trouble perfecting the monochromatic look? Come visit our studio and let one of our talented makeup artists guide you toward the perfect shades for you. Once you try it on, you’ll be Crazy for Carnelian too!

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