Authentic Beauty’s Custom Blended Lipstick Station: Lipsticks made for you right at our studio.


At Authentic Beauty’s custom blended lipstick station, we can create the lipstick or lipgloss of your dreams made specifically for you at our studio. And we can create those discontinued lipsticks you’ve been tirelessly searching for. We also decided we needed a permanent lipstick collection made from natural and non toxic formulas in the hottest hues.

Authentic Beauty makes custom lipsticks and lip glosses for you right at the studio.
Authentic Beauty makes custom lipsticks and lip glosses for you right at the studio.

Rosie, one of Authentic Beauty’s talented makeup artists, got to work and created these gorgeous lipsticks. She also syndicated a few favorite colors from other brands which means you can finally find that long lost lipstick color that you lost hope ever finding again! Here are Authentic Beauty’s new lipstick colors from our permanent collection.


Adore is a perfect ‘go to’ peachy nude color and butter based lipstick that looks ideal on fair complexions with warm and peach undertones or paired with a bronze smoky eye for a fashionable summer look.

Soma is Alyson’s go to color year round and it’s a matte based lip color that comes in a rich cocoa nude with gold undertones. This color looks great on all skin tones and looks particularly good on redheads and brunettes.

Vintage Suede is a luxurious, butter based lipstick that comes in a rich cocoa mahogany color. This lipstick looks great with a tan and segues seamlessly for the fall.

Cherish is a traditional, creme based lipstick in a cool mauve brown. This is a classic color that can transcend the seasons and looks great on most skin tones especially tan and darker tones.

True Red is a rich butter based lipstick that is a throw back to the days of the silver screen. This is a classic, blue based red that will make teeth look whiter and brighten the complexion. This is especially amazing fin the fall and winter and wears incredibly well when you want to capture everyone’s attention.

Pink Cadillac is a vivacious hot pink color in a creamy matte base that will brighten any complexion. Fun and flattering, this color is the perfect accessory for spring and summer fashions!

Cabernet comes in a gorgeous rich burgundy color that looks amazing on darker complexions and striking on people with lighter complexions looking to turn heads. This lipstick is especially incredible in the fall.

Velvet Nude is a mauve nude, creme based lipstick that looks amazing on fair skin tones. Fashionable year round, this lipstick looks particularly pretty in the winter paired with a smokey eye.

Desnudo is a classic, fleshy nude lipstick with a champagne finish that is always in fashion and looks great on almost everyone!

Rare Rose is a creme based lipstick that comes in a cool rose color perfect for the woman who wants that classic hint of color. This color looks great on fair complexions with cool undertones. Ideal for spring,

Fresh Petal is a soft pink rose lipstick that looks perfect with a nude eye and apricot cheeks. Angel is a warm bronzy wine colored lipstick with a rich butter base that looks perfect with a rich summer glow. This color complements sun kissed skin tones and darker complexions and is perfect for summer and fall when warm colors abound.

Have they discontinued your favorite lipstick color? Pink Cadillac is based on the popular Nars lipcolor, Schiap. Vintage Suede is our answer to Bobbi Brown’s best selling color, Uber Suede. Adore is based on Clinique’s Adore U and we are currently working on formulas for additional colors for our signature lipstick line that will include colors based on other best selling colors by MAC, Bobbi Brown and Nars.

At Authentic  Beauty, we can create the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone at our custom blended lipstick station. Make a custom lipstick appointment to create your dream shade here. Or get a lipstick gift certificate for someone in your life looking for the perfect lipstick or lipgloss. Click here to purchase a lipstick from our permanent collection.


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